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Your body’s balance sheet.

We’ve outsourced our healthfulness to search engine, delegated our fitness to algorithms and have lost the connection with our body.

We ignore, reject or tactfully hide the early flags our bodies provide us until issues compound.

What if you could read into the health of your pee, stool and morning saliva to determine your body’s present state?

What if you could measure your energy levels when you arise, post a meeting, before going to bed and reconsider or reinforce your lifestyle. Building practices that are rejuvenating you and eliminating those that are hurting you?

What if you begin observing and being aware of your body take proactive action on a day-to-day basis while you are at-ease instead of blindly marching towards dis-ease?

This may not help those that are chronically ill, but for those that are on the path towards it, this is an approach worth considering.

You don’t need a heart attack to jolt you to a good lifestyle, what if the changes in your pee colour and smell moved you to take decisive action?

We need a cultural shift. Where your body’s intelligence is heeded before your smart-bands algorithm, where your sleep quality matters more than the visibility of your tyres, where early indications are diffused from compounding.

Your body is reporting to you in multiple ways, it’s about time you read your bodies balance sheet.

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