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Why you must take a chill pill.

Sometimes, It’s ok to be laid back, to be chilling, to unwind and just be.

No deadlines to worry about, no politics to ponder through, no immediate action. All time slots are closed for the world but open for you. This phase of “doing nothing” is also a creative zone. Ideas, stories flow naturally to you. You begin to notice the little things without much effort. Newton noticed the falling apple, Kabirdas noticed the hand-grinder, Zac Efron in “We are your friends” noticed everyday sounds.

When you bring these insights, original observations to your work, it personalises it in a way that’s unique to you. Your signature style and because it’s commonplace it instantly connects with people.

Ps: Manali Mehta and Ami Doshi have noticed the amazing healing power of salts and have launched INFINITE ME. I believe you’ll check it out,

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