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Whether you like it or not.

There will always be the grind. Whether you love it or not. That’s the process that you’ll need to undergo. The price you pay to get where you choose to. Whether you like it or not you’ll need to deliver.

At a professional level, it’s visible – deadlines, targets, agendas, goals, etc. though at a personal level it’s a completely different story. We prefer lazy Sundays, couch surfing, binge movie marathons, mindless scrolling, junk food, messed up sleep cycles.

Whether you like it or not you’ll need to deliver on your audacious promise.

Raise your standards at a personal level. Michael Phelps, after winning through 2 Olympics, post-retirement in 2012 decided to turn around and make a comeback. The first change he made? Hitting the bed at 10 pm, everyday day after day for 4 years! That’s after winning being the most decorated Olympian of all time! He didn’t skip a single session. Not even on Sundays! If a man at the top of his game is this committed. What about you and I who are just beginning?

Get your personal act together and go make some galata.

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