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The slow death of manwar

Marwaris over generations refined their code of hospitality. Together referred to as Manwar, A way of treating other Marwadi’s (usually over meals).

However, over the years it has eroded:

  • From a massive thali where 6 or more individuals sat snugly around on the floor to relish their meal to dining at a table with individual plates.
  • Ghee was a matter of pride for the host (The cups of ghee per dish ratio was unbelievable! Your average khichadi would turn moonstone white!) and now its dwindled to an occasional teaspoon!
  • From the host generously offering the guest with all his heart multiple times (3 was a minimum) it has been degraded to a situation where refusing is taken personally by the host. Usually leading to an uncomfortable tussle or food being wasted.

The young Marwadi is abandoning this tradition by the truckload!

I have loved it over the years and it saddens me that I am witnessing its slow but steady demise.

Yet, I believe it could be revived. More on this on the next blog.

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