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Sustaining on the hard route.

There are always multiple ways to reach where you intend to reach. There are the easy ones, the ones we label as short-cuts. Get rich quick in 3 steps, loose 5kgs in a week, find your soul mate by just by swiping right.

They never work. Even if they do for a few they are not sustainable, healthy and worthwhile. You can win a lottery, lose that pot belly, find your soul mate and then lose them all for the worse! Because you haven’t built what it takes to sustain them.

The only way left is to take the hard way.

It’s boring, monotonous and a lot of work. That’s true but only half the story. The other half is about the foundation that gets built along the way, the lifestyle changes that are invaluable, the network developed on trust, the mindset and perception of opportunities that develop. Essentially, The skill sets that are needed to sustain what’s achieved.

Take the hard route. It doesn’t matter if it’s the path less taken, most taken or not taken at all. If you fail you’ll come back as a stronger individual. An individual who’s geared to work more, contribute more and make a difference. Not one that is desperately seeking another shortcut.

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