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On dhoti and minimalism

Jeans never felt like the symbol of minimalism.

To begin with, making one takes up an average of 2000 litres of water! The chemicals used in bleaching, processing and packaging are proven to be hazardous for you overtime (Because the skin is the largest organ), they don’t last as long as they used to and we discard instead of maximising them.

Unusually, I found a worthy solution that not only reconnected me to my Marwadi roots but also stunned me by its sheer simplicity.

A dhoti is where the minimalist buck stops! 

It costs 1/10th of a branded jeans and it fits everyone! There will never be a need for sizing, it can be worn in umpteen number of styles, needs no adjusting post a feast, can be washed once a week (or more if you work from home), it’s usually made of 100% cotton so it’s breathable, healthy and easy to maintain. In the past 30-days of my attempt, I felt like I had a cloud between my legs when I was in a dhoti! It is that comfortable!

PS: Today is Rajasthan Divas and I’m committing to wearing a Dhoti and Jhubba to work for the next 6-months. If you can, do join in. 

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