Projects that I have been laser-focused on.

The early hours of my day (4:00 – 5:30 am) are solely dedicated to writing the ugly first draft of my upcoming book. You can start: Surefire ways to build a successful business before your graduation day! Its a promise I have made to myself to publish it on the 15th of January, 2020. 

With over 450 blog posts, This blog commands an hour a day, every day. I will continue to publish a blog a day even if nobody reads it. However, I am grateful for everyone from over 35 countries that regularly show up! 

When I am not busy scouting, scheduling, deeply researching (stalking!) and consuming every piece of content created by/for an upcoming guest. I am busy editing the weekly episode of The Galata Podcast. Making every minute ring. It’s a grind and I am dancing with it. Its a home-run moment for me when every guest express that they have never shared so openly or outright compliment me for knowing the smallest of details and going the extra mile!


Since the previous 9 months, I have been laying the foundation of my 3rd venture! My team and I are passionately committed to saving the lives of women battling with cancer by empowering them with top quality, aesthetic and sustainable clothing that allows them to be comfortable and confident! IIM Udaipur is incubating and supporting us through the journey! 


With the support of Brainsparker and the members of Bangalore Toastmasters Club, I have initiated the 60 seconds a day movement. Where we show up every day and record an impromptu speech for 60 seconds, generously exchange feedback, suggestions and grow!


In this club, I met one of the members, Puneeth Suraana who is passionate about speaking and he is a part of the club for a quite some time. Recently he has thrown up the idea of creating a group of people in WhatsApp for improving communication skills to group members. He created the group called ’60 seconds movement’. The idea of this movement is to record your 1-minute speech on a topic given by him and upload it in a group every day. All the members are not just encouraged to speak but also evaluated by others. I am also a member of the group.

Initially, response to speaking offline was not good but he encouraged a lot to group members. I also pulled up my socks and tried to speak for almost every day. This is almost for a month and I observed the changes. Going forward, I must appreciate and thank Puneeth for his wonderful effort and initiative.

Kamlesh Kumar, Manudrishti


I complete 2 books a week. But, anytime you catch me, I will be juggling with 5 books from varied topics, genres, industries. I know I won’t complete them all, and I can live with that regret.


In parallel, I am building the personal discipline of sleeping by 10:00 pm and rising by 4:00 am, practising dry fasting from sunset to an hour post sunrise.


PS: If all this wasn’t enough, I dedicate my fun time towards volunteering for a super exciting yet secret project.