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Category: Education

From notes to navel.

The essence of taking good notes is that it leads to thoughtful actions.

The hard labour of capturing, applying and refining our learnings.

Doing the deeper work of digesting the needle moving insights is worthwhile.

When the path tests you.

When days go by without making a sale.

When resistance knocks off weeks worth of writing.

When a month passes without publishing an episode.

Your faith sulks, enthusiasm pales and energy dives.

What if you gazed at this phase as a test? A filter that separates the persisting professional from the wandering amateur.

Stay the course. Especially when the path tests you.

Will you show up?

People, opportunities and money are everywhere!

Never before did we have a human population inching to 8 billion, problems that are pushing us to extinction and money being printed (and virtually generated) so rampantly!

Will you show up to organise individuals and money to solve problems that matter?

Don’t wait to be chosen, pick yourself up to start small, stay focused and build steadily.

2 rotis

As a kid, I noticed an unusual practice: Dadi always cooked 2 extra rotis!

She is a calculative, creative and prudent cook who repurposed almost everything leftover, didn’t let go a drop of ghee, scraped the empty milk cover with warm water and efficiently ran the kitchen close to 0% wastage yet when it came to rotis she ensured that there was at least 2 extra in her aluminium roti-box!

When I would quiz her, she’d say her usual dialogue with pride: There will always be food in Bai’s kitchen!

I further observed, when a guest or two came unannounced (which was commonplace) she’d feed them happily and there would still be sufficient food for the rest of us!

Sabzi and daal would usually get over but the rotis were always there! And they could be had with pickle, curd or just ghee and jaggery!

There was no scarcity!

Roti was the perfect buffer!

What if you and I identified what mattered and created meaningful buffers like this?

What if money was an ingredient?

Creators have an unending dilemma of separating money matters and their craft.

Escaping by delegating money-related aspects, shying away from negotiating or just procrastinating from facing the figures.

This approach amplifies the problem. Scarcity begets scarcity. And a creator eventually finds herself broke, burnt out and buried beneath pending bills.

What if you viewed money as an ingredient for your work?

This perspective shifts your approach toward money matters.

Are you the kind that’s vigilant to ensure you get top quality ingredients for your work?

If yes, you’d demand the top rupee from customers that value your work.

Are you the sort that ensures a consistent supply of raw materials to keep your work progressing?

If yes, then you’d charge more with conviction, sell more with confidence and sell more frequently.

Are you the type that would settle for nothing less than 110%?

If yes, then you’d stretch the rupee (paisa vasool) by being creative, shrewd and assertive.

If you can do this with cashews, paints and fabrics why not with cash?

Is there another way?

An obvious thing happened when I was 13. In my eight standard’s examinations, I failed in 5 subjects and gracefully passed the remaining 6!

I was too engrossed mastering heavy-duty games instead of flipping white and navy pages of my textbooks.

But that failure made something obvious: Standard ways didn’t work for me. They were boring. I wondered there must be better ways to learn!

Back then, There was a 50-year lag in the education sector. It would take that long for an innovation to become the norm!

I aggressively looked for ways to learn faster, memorise and recall better. It turned out there were some quirky, fun and smart tools that elite athletes, memory champs and busy executives used that I could emulate effortlessly

Through my 9th and 10th standard I slowly incorporated these into my learning system. (like studying in the zone, pegging, photoreading, mindmaps, NLP)

I ended up topping my class in the 10th finals. Standard methods were indeed for chumps!

There are better tools, ways, approaches out there. Keep yourself open!

When’s your independence?

Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colours.” – Charles Bukowski.

We strongly feel we are free as individuals until we test our assumption.

We are enslaved because of our lifestyles, dangling between a financial feast or famine, hooked on a modern form of addiction: social media, prescription drugs, junk food, ‘add your vice’.

What do you need freedom from was an easy question when the enemy was an obvious, oppressive other. But, your present enemies are subtle, seductive and engineered to be sticky.

Maybe now is a good time for you to chart a course to get unhooked, unplugged, uncluttered, and break free from the modern-day slavery.

When will you celebrate your Independence Day?

Being busy is like being a bomb!

The difference between a bomb and a rocket is that a rocket is a focused bomb-blast!

Such an apt metaphor for deep work.

Being busy is like being a bomb. Being laser-focused on 1 thing for a significant time is like being a rocket. All your energy, intensity and thought power geared to move one thing forward.

Begin with baby-steps like 25-minutes and build to 90-minute power blocks.

The best time I’ve found is at the beginning of my workday, every day.

PS: Rohan Ganapathy, in EP9 explained this. It’s a worthwhile interaction.