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Month: October 2020

Precise practice.

Wrong practice makes you a disaster!

Imagine, a speaker dying in front of a packed room, an athlete slacking at the last moment.

Our practice has become casual. Stepping up during the performance gets more stressful, difficult and taxing!

What if we practised like its showtime? Precisely at 110% every time, time after time, all the time!

A chow chow culture.

A traditional Indian chat like Masala Puri followed up with a fine foreign machine’s softie ice cream surprises me every time!

The largest idli batter maker in India uses machines that were originally meant for mustard paste! (The productivity soared by 1000x)

It’s clear that majority of ringtones in India are devotional!

India is heading towards a culture where the traditional east compliments the technological west.

We are coming a full circle to acknowledge and accommodate technology though with an Indian twist to gain the leverage yet retain the tradition.

Stop inventing silly.

We are always inventing:

  • Things to do to avoid the meaningful work.
  • Excuses to cover-up.
  • Stories to fool ourselves.
  • Comebacks that we will use the next time. (It never comes!)

What if, we paused and inquired: Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?

If it’s a yes, now is a good time to make a not-to-do list and commit to it.

Expiry dates.

It has an impossible task of predicting when the product will be unfit for its intended purpose.

There are multiple factors that influence, for instance, your jar of peanut butter. From cross-country transportation to the neighbours in your kitchen shelf to even the metal of the spoon stored in it.

How then does one determine a practical expiry date? Isn’t the printed one an irrelevant average?

It turns out, we have naturally developed a sniff and taste test to determine the actual expiry!

This lends an interesting metaphor.

What if we tested our assumptions, default approaches and practices instead of merely accepting them at face value?