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Month: August 2020

To mediocrity.

We let the wrong things takeover our mind’s theatre.

Worst-case scenarios are bordering a nightmare, the normal visuals are everything that we don’t want to happen.

Our imagination works against and for us. Evolution has calibrated it to keep us alive. But we need to train it to work for us to keep us thriving.

By regularly seeing success in the theatre of our minds, always visualising and reinforcing what we want and how we want, imagining probable-case and best-case scenarios more often, more intensely and more vividly than the worst-case scenario.

It’s about time we took control of the theatre between our ears because we have been binge-watching our way to mediocrity.

Occupy minds’ theatres!

People mostly listen to podcasts in the background.

But every once in awhile selectively listening is hard because the episode is so good!

So, we wait in our driveways to hear the riveting end, we run a little farther to wrap that emotional episode, we pause work midway and invest attention to the candid conversation playing between our pods.

Flip the perspective.

It is overwhelming when you measure your beginning against someone’s ending.

It seems like you are at 0 and they are at infinity! It’s demotivating, stressful and leads to inaction.

Instead, seek as to where they began. Most who made their way to the top started way below 0!

Now your beginning seems so much better! It’s uplifting, energising and leads to immediate action.

The scale is the same but your perspective matters.

The one I have hurt the most!

I’ve been pondering who’d top my list of people I’ve hurt the most in the past year.

The one I mistreated, hurt and was always critical of.

The one I put down, pushed around and pampered for personal gain.

The one I over-worked, under-paid and mocked all along.

It turns out, that that person is – Me.

I have been my world’s worst boss.

While I don’t understand Micchami Dukkadam fully. I do have found The Ho╩╗oponopono technique to be liberating.

Here’s a way to forgive yourself.

Find a mirror and look in your eyes as you fill these blanks. One at a time.

I am sorry for…

Please forgive me for…

Thank you for…..

Love you for…

You deserve your forgiveness and the self-hug that follows.

The resistance to apologise.

Whenever you set out to do something higher in life, you face what Steven Pressfield coined resistance.

The highest resistance one faces is when one apologises.

Especially to the ones one has hurt, mistreated and has taken advantage of.

By the time you come around, it’s usually too late.

Now is a good time to list the top 5 people you’ve hurt. Call them and seek forgiveness.

Offering forgiveness is their task. Some will. Some won’t. Asking is yours. Do it.

Not when it’s convenient but when it’s necessary.

Go, go, go!

PS Micchami Dukkadam ­čÖĆ

The cost of inconsistency.

That rabbit paid the price of inconsistency in the classic fable by losing to a tortoise that was 100% consistent.

When an athlete skips a days’ worth of training, she goes back by 2 days!

Michael Phelps understood this and in one instance he didn’t skip training for 502 days! Including, Sundays and Christmas holidays!

When an entrepreneur working in the long tail, chooses once to skip delivering on his promise, he erodes credibility that was built over months.

98% consistency is harder, costlier and mentally taxing than being 100% consistent!

Thriving in boredom

11 ways to persist through boredom:

  1. Leave the task for a short while to create space for your mind to uncoil itself. Shifting to another creative task helps.
  1. Slap yourself before the world slaps you.
  1. Find your primary learning technique and double down.
  1. Design and stick with breaks that rejuvenate you. Ones that involve moving your physiology. (Think: A 5-minute dance, or a quick shirsasana, 10 push-ups?)
  1. Play with it. If you are reading a tome, change your reading pace rapidly, make fun of the author, cook up ridiculous mnemonics.
  1. Seek other views. A competing one, an opposing one, a counter-intuitive one.
  1. Brainstorm ways to increase your interest in the work – Jazz or House music in the background? Teach it to a loved one? Using colourful staedlers instead of black and blue ink? Implement and improvise it until you feel a 10 on 10!
  1. Instead of questioning whether you’ll ever use this (Like Trigonometry), dream possibilities, google where it’s applied, it’s history, it’s pioneers.
  1. Stop when it’s just getting interesting! You’ll look forward to it the next day!
  1. Bribe yourself first. And get after it.
  1. Find someone that enjoys it and copy!

How profitable is boring?

The best return on time invested activities are usually the most boring ones.

The compounding benefit of seemingly small, boring activities consistently done every day is massive.

Boredom is a classic litmus test.

It separates the pro from the amateur, the serious from the dabbler, the driven from the forced.

Expect it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

Those that continue through the boredom chasm hit a second wind.