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Month: July 2020

The cost of in-consistency

Every time you miss, you re-start from 0.

Unusually, being consistent 100% of the time is easier than being consistent 98% of the time!

A skip here, a one-time-only there and the cost to get back on the path becomes massive!

The previously prided-over number now appears overwhelming to repeat.

It’s far easier to stay consistent at 100%.

Start small and stay the path. One repetition at a time. Build your Rome every day.

An unusual change

Counter-intuitive approaches, ideas, and opinions have an unusual pull.

But, rarely do they successfully spread through to the masses. Part of it is because it’s hard to change people. Especially to something that is uncommon.

The network effect fails. And the idea fades.

It’s hard to point out why an idea spreads. Being counter-intuitive isn’t one.

Between your head and hands.

The chasm between learning and applying is an unusual one.

The longer you wait to apply, the weaker your resolute gets, the faster you seek to implement the more unsure you are of the unknowns.

What then, do you do with what you just learnt?

Nibble at the edges of applying by taking baby bites right away. One at a time. Only as much as you can chew.

Frequently going back to your notes, doodles and idea sparks to find out what next can be implemented and when.

That secret contributor.

I don’t know who’s adding these, it sure wasn’t there earlier!

It always stumps me when I gleam new insights, ideas, perspectives when I re-read a book, re-listen to a podcast or re-watch an interaction.

Who is this secret contributor?

It turns out that It’s me, the reader who has grown in-between the repetition. The stage of life, the state of mind and the stories I tell myself have evolved since.

Though everything in the material is just as it was, I had evolved.

The more I put in, the more I get out of it.

Pick yourself.

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

This joke is no longer relevant. Today everyone owns a press right under their fingertips.

Will you choose to be an echo that adds to the noise? Or will you push your voice forward?

The choice is yours.

There are no gate-keepers anymore. Pick yourself.

Proactive = creatively reacting

There’s no choice but to react once something breaks, disrupts or spreads.

But to creatively conjure up worst-case scenarios, anticipate consequences, possible failures and to react against them by design, systems and training is powerful.

Being proactive is about creatively reacting.


When you collect enough of them they connect magically.

It’s confusing and incoherent when you look from a distance.

Your wide networks, bundles of unique experiences, varied expressions of creative outbursts.

However, when you pick one and begin connecting it to the other, and then another.

Day after day.

You open up possibilities, spark opportunities and synthesise ideas that were not obvious from afar!

So, go out of your industry, obligations or circle of competence to collect and connect dots.

The magic is worth it.

Frame your time.

Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.

A brain twister that’s I’ve bent to a simple insight: The control of your life always rests in your hand. In the now.

The frame you associate to your past matters. Was the failure a learning experience for you or was it a struggle against your limitations or a humbling experience?

Our culture and the lizard brain in you have a tendency to default to the lowest common frame available. Rarely, does this serve you.

Instead, take charge and use this time to relook at your past and associate a frame that works for you.

Apply your smarts.

We have outsourced most of the functions of our brain to technology.

What then are we applying ourselves towards?

Using our machines to push our causes forward or busy tweeting, leveraging the low cost of building a company or waiting till the future gets clear, caught up in a shadow career or turning pro at your life’s work.

Apply your smarts to make something happen.