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Month: April 2020

Lost between your lens and their eyes.

Do you speak for the camera or the real people on the other side of the machine? Most are not trained to look at a camera lens and speak as if it doesn’t exist. And, when you look at the audience on the screen and speak, you fail to establish an audience connection because you are looking down.

The dilemma of today’s digital speaker is whether to look into the lens of the machine or the eyes of her audience.

This changes the way our civilisation has learnt to built rapport, earn trust and express emotions. Raising hands, sending emoticons and comments do lead to reciprocation. Still nothing close to what we have fine-tuned since the beginning of civilisation. The simple act of looking in the eye and speaking.

The chasm is here to stay and we can’t do much but lean in and hope our audiences will generously understand, accommodate and accept us as we look at that black dot and share what we have always wanted to.

The energy, voice and gestures you speak with will make up for what’s lost in the eye contact.


We are encouraged to speak only what’s required, share what’s asked and keep up a facade.

Being vulnerable is exactly the opposite. It entails speaking what you always wanted to share, risking over-sharing and tearing apart the facade only to reveal the person you always were!

What if we as a culture supported, encouraged and celebrated those courageous enough to challenge the status quo, be raw, real and vulnerable?

Ps: I published an episode of The Galata Podcast today where I open up like never before. If you can check it out. It’s available wherever you get your podcasts from.

Use distractions wisely.

Distractions are a soft target. Behaviour that you can blame, a crutch you can get away with, an excuse that you can hide behind.

But, distractions could be purposeful, fun and valuable for you.

Now is a good time to dedicate your distraction towards your goals and dreams. Movies that you can learn from, books that lend you a new perspective, podcasts that inform you and so much more!

Go, get your distraction to work for you!

Binge and step-back.

The problem with binge-watching is there’s no space to process what you’ve just seen.

Even before you form thoughts and opinions about the show, the comments and reviews influence you, the next episodes begins playing and you lose the chance.

If you are going to make your entertainment profitable, you’ll need to take the time and make the space to think through, process and dive deeper into what you noticed in the show, what caught your attention or what learning you were able to absorb.

Don’t merely go through the episodes. Let the episodes go through you. Your analysis, world-view and perspective.

Instead of being a couch potato, become a couch fisherman. Fish for insights, ideas and approaches as you watch the shows.

Explore the between, beneath and beyond.

Designed against you.

Many apps are designed to hook you up. The 5 seconds decision window that you get at the end of a YouTube video, the auto-play of next episodes on Amazon prime or the endless music playlist by Resso’s algorithm.

These are designed to work. Just not for you.

Because it’s hard to turn away and focus on something that isn’t calibrated to hook you up, tug at your emotions and play with your hormones.

Especially true for work that is hard, important and meaningful and is not urgent.

I hope you’ll take the hard route. The one with resistance.

Go, make some Galata!

Follow the book’s trail.

Imagine this, when one writes a book, she deeply reads and thinks through multiple books before making an opinion and building on to it.

Sort of climbing the giants before her to get a farther view!

The books which the book you are presently reading leads to is fascinating!

Follow the trail.

What an effortless, insightful and immediate curation. An invitation, if you will.

To dig deeper into the subject, unearth insights, perspectives and narratives.

Don’t just read a book. Follow its trail. You will be amazed.

Binding a culture.

Culture is held together with the activities it shares.

When the world ceases to be your locality you revert to the neighbours that always lived in your locality but we’re at the edge of your reality.

Activities like lighting a Diya, clapping together are becoming the bonding force, the conversation spark, the common ground through which we feel one.

Though we are divided by the pandemic, we are united by the activities.

Marriage is not a full-stop.

To your dreams.

To your ambitions.

To your goals.

It’s not a dead-end, but it’s a bend in the road. A bend that’s worth taking for many of us.

Home appliances, productivity hacks and microwave have freed up time, energy and sanity for a homemaker like never in the history of homemakers!

There are too many excuses that you and I have heard from housewives. From orthodox in-laws, lack of encouragement to logistics issues.

I plead you, do not quit on your goals, ambitions and dreams! Instead be where you are, with whatever you have. Progress one step at a time.

Drip by drip. Build something meaningful, worthwhile and better.

The challenges that you’ve been facing are the very reason why some women have achieved what they have.

Marriage is a full-stop. If you let it be.

Because your work matters.

Now is a good time to fail! Failure isn’t fatal.

Ship something small, test your idea and it’s perfectly ok if it fails! what better time than now when most people are quarantined?

Further, send your work to people you trust and those that trust you back. Now, they have the time and space to give you worthwhile feedback, spread your work and cheer you on!

During this quarantine, make something happen. Because your work matters.