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Month: March 2020

The magic of re-reading

Re-reading books is magical! Especially when you have scribbled notes along the margins, doodled on the edges and created one of a kind Mindmaps when you previously read it.

You will get a new perspective even though the content of the book remains the same. Because you’ve grown, applied some learning’s from the book, the seeds which the book planted in you have acrospired.

As we embark on a 21-day lockdown, now is a good time to revisit your favourite books and acquire new perspectives.

Skipping the basics

My generation has taken things for granted. Owning a vehicle seems ridiculous in the face of affordable vehicles that you can pick on the go, Buying wheat in the wholesale market, cleaning, grinding and storing is unheard of! You just head to the nearest big-box supermarket and buy Atta (wheat flour)! The work needed to prepare idli batter is unnoticed because of ready-to-cook batters.

what does this mean to a generation that isn’t fully aware of what really goes behind the system they are so at ease with?

Plenty of free time, standard, reliable and convenient route.

Dig deeper and you may notice hefty margins, poor health over-time and decreased appreciation for things that take work.

Not skipping the basics though you have the privilege to do so.


“Don’t talk to strangers!” was apt for the 6-year-old you, it served in keeping you safe. Is it serving the 22-year-old you? At every bend of the road, you’d need to interact with strangers, make connections, collaborate and move things forward.

Our caregivers never bothered to update the rules as we got old. fortunately, you have the resources, tools, techniques to unlearn these and imbibe ideas, perspectives and insights that will work for you.

This puts the responsibility of reset in your hands, the past doesn’t matter as much.

Which mind-set of yours are working for you? Which need to be reset?

Start with the clock.

Does keeping your wall clock and wristwatch 5 minutes ahead help you reach on time?

It’s a tactic done with a good intent yet every time you glance the time, You are aware that’s it’s ahead!

Too often we trick our environments, gadgets, people secretly hoping we’ll fall for it as well. Yet, rarely does it happen.

Why not face the time as is? No tricks, no tactics, no extra math. Just the time. Every time.

This changes the way you look at the world. You begin to see it as is. Facing reality and being present. Instead of creating false rush, urgency or even time excuses.

You can ask.

We have a culture where the act of asking is looked down upon. From folklore like ‘it costs nothing to ask’ to feeling less of oneself when asking.

We’d prefer postponing important work, betting on our luck or even abandoning projects rather than taking the initiative to ask!

Instead, let’s create an environment where asking has a connotation of increased respect, increase in capability ( 1+1>2) and a chance to allow others to support you!

This culture would be supported by embracing rejections and celebrating failures.

It all starts with you. Go, ask.