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Month: November 2019

Skip the moral

By pointing out the moral at the end of the story, anecdote or narrative we insult the audience’s intelligence.

Stories are wells of insights. The intelligence of the listener will determine how many of these she can extract.

Stop at ‘the end’.

Allow them the pleasure of doing the thought work to catch the moral.

The intimacy of a podcast.

No lights, no camera but a lot of action, reaction and extraction.

Podcasts are an intimate medium.

The audience can sense intuitively if you are lying, holding back something, are excited or are feeling dejected.

It is surprising that audiences would listen to such long-form interaction. And keep up with the episodes week after week! We aren’t wired, used to or trained to do this.

But, something about the intimacy of audio, the chance to go on an emotional journey, the possibility of learning, of connecting and knowing we belong propels us.

Podcasts are a worthwhile excuse to have an insightful conversation, a meaningful exploration of various topics and to connect to another human being.

Push forward.

A little.

A little.

A little.

The project, idea, initiative won’t snowball immediately. It needs to be pushed a little every day.Until the impact stacks up, the initial big, intimidating hurdles smoothly ironed and then it starts rolling.

Showing up every day and pushing your mission forward, progressing your goals, growing your abilities.

Many of us don’t push enough. Some quit just before when even a feather touch would get it rolling. A few push enough to get things going.

Push beyond, push inspite of, push forward.

The 60 second movement

That’s all it takes. Every day. Day after day.

To show up, speak and share.

For the last 5 months, my Toastmasters’ group and I are showing up on Whatsapp every day and responding to a prompt with a 60 second extempore using the voice note.

With time as we spoke and shared, our articulation, flow of thoughts and confidence improved.

What struck me was that the improvement was tallest amongst those that were not just showing up but also supporting others generously! Giving advice, showering appreciation and cheering others!

Showing up for yourself is good. Showing up to support, appreciate and push others is better.


Bottlenecks happen.

When someone puts themselves before others, focus only on their agenda instead of others, sing ‘me’ instead of we.

The CEO who’s insecurity is limiting the organisation’s growth, the hurried cab driver that’s taking the wrong lane that leads to a traffic log jam, The leader that secures her interests before people’s.

Most often, to sort a bottleneck one has to go back to thinking of others first and empathising with them.

Which side are you on?

It’s easy to be amongst the audience, the general masses, the majority. The side that seems to be safe. But it rarely leads to any growth, progress or learning.

The side where there’s growth, tension and eustress is facing the audience, the meaningful specific, the minority.

It opens you to new possibilities, different perspectives and experiences.

When given a choice between the two. Pick the latter and make it happen. It’ll be hard, arduous, demanding yet the growth, the learnings and the applause will be worthwhile.

Now, go and make some Galata!

Your education is your responsibility.

The college will lend you the resources, the banks will fund your tuition, family and parents will support you through it, friends will make the journey bearable and the society will nurture (and tolerate) you.
But at the end of it all.
It’s not marks, ranks and certs that matter.
It’s the education you gained and it’s possible impact as you add value through your work.
Much is expected of you, make it matter.

This matters! A rant on finishing.

Starting is the essence of getting a project up and running. But many of us are already amazing at starting something.

So, what instead do we become?

Great starters but terrible finishers.

Failing to finish what we start is what keeps us from starting something again.

The memories of unfinished work, incomplete projects, halted initiatives is painful.

The discipline of showing up and shipping is way less heavy than the regret of leaving something unfinished.

So, let’s rollup our view about celebrating startings, instead let’s focus on supporting those that are pushing forward, stuck in the dip, celebrating finishers and creating a culture where those that finish ( even if it doesn’t work )

are rewarded.

Finishing is hard, the dip is straining to go through, the resistance is real. Do it anyway, cause that is the only way to push our civilisation forward by shipping meaningful, worthwhile and valuable work.

Celebrate finishing more than you laud initiating. Support others who are on their way to the finish line, nudge those that are throwing in the towel and encourage the rest to initiate with the full knowledge that there will be dips, roadblocks, resistance both internal and external.

This matters. Your work matters. Now, go and make some Galata!

Tragedy is a filter.

There are many synonyms to tragedy. Based on your industry, it could be a market correction, bursting of a bubble, server crash, heavy rain pour, etc.

It tests bonds that have been long formed and either reinforces them or breaks them (for good).

It brings together strangers. Gets them to rally towards a higher goal.

It’s tragic, yet beautiful.