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Month: August 2019

Fears evolve.

Before getting on stage there was stage freight, on the stage, there is the attention span fear, during and post the speech there is the fear of being rejected publicly.

Fears will always exist, instead of waiting for a situation where everything is perfect and you are fearless is in vain.

Instead, we can focus on dancing with our fears. Doing important work despite fears.

The illusion of knowledge.

We will never be able to apply everything we know.There just isn’t enough resources, time. energy and sanity to see it through.

If that wasn’t enough, knowledge applied gets refined, clearer and becomes wisdom.

The gap between wisdom and knowledge is huge.

What we learn through books, podcasts, google and any other means is just 10%.

The rest of the 90% is application!

Having a bias towards application, implementation and feedback reap better rewards!

Your college education is just the first step, the rest of your career is where you have an opportunity to apply it.

The book you picked up, the podcast you began listening to, the workshop that you got through is just 10%! It’s a collection of knowledge.

You’ll need to apply it to transform it into wisdom!