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Month: July 2019

Sugarless coffee.

The case of Siddharta (iconic founder of Cafe coffee day) highlights a blind spot in our culture. We overestimate achievement and underestimate fulfilment.

This isn’t a first. There have been many celebrated, revered, iconic entrepreneurs, overachievers and affluent individuals that have lost their sanity, succumbed to destructive habits or committed suicide.

Achievement is a science. Follow certain steps and you’ll reach your goals. Focus on one path until successful.

However, Fulfilment is an art. We feel fulfilled by various things, acts and events and it’s unique to each of us.

The lesson for us on the road less travelled is simple: Apply the science of achievement and practice the art of fulfilment.

Opting out.

We have created a virtual culture where if the content doesn’t connect with us in the first 30 seconds we will opt-out. Move on and choose something else to expend our attentions on.

But, what happens in a real-world scenario?

Are people who you are interacting with mentally opting out? Are they disinterested, zoned out or just tolerating you?

Don’t seek to grab people’s attention. You are running behind a 30-second attention span that is hard to engage, entertain and convert!

Instead, seek to get permission. It’s slow, gradual and demands emotional labour. But the audience prefers opting in, allowing you an opportunity to serve them!

They’ll pay you their attention, their time and eventually their money!

Standard pace is for chumps

In school, the syllabus is designed to ensure that the slow learners are at par with quick graspers, college portions ensure that you get to know just enough to get the job done.

Standards are for everyone. Go beyond them.

Skip the textbooks, go for the tough books. Go beyond the syllabus.

You may start at the standard pace, but build yourself and stay ahead of the standards.

For gifted.

We take things for granted. That we all know and often point it out to others. But how often we take things for gifted?

There are so many things, thoughts, people and moments that we have been gifted from known and unknown places.

Take audit at the end of your day of all the things that you have received for gifted!

It may not ring right, seem appropriate or few weird. But continue acknowledging and focusing on your gifts.

Why pay for an MBA?

What extra are you getting?

The world’s top business schools and elite professors have made their MBA courses available for anybody with a device, an internet connection for free.

There are innumerable books, slide shows on the topics from The 30 day MBA to The 7-day weekend. Much more interesting, fun, colourful and insightful than a dry, monotone, boring yet expensive textbook.

Most professionals are available and accessible on social networks. Cohorts (groups) with specialities are available over multiple platforms.

Then, what advantage do most business colleges in our country have? Why are we paying infinite times more for an MBA?

For an A4 sheet? For the services of the fancy placement office? For hiding from real work? For delaying your wedding?

What’s an MBA for? Is a more relevant question than should I do an MBA?

Use the money instead to build a business, launch a project, test an idea.

You have only so many weekends

50 years is only 2600 weekends!

What will you spend the majority of them on? Sleeping in and catching up on the latest entertainment buzz?


waking up early, building rituals that last a lifetime, carving out time to assess your progress, indulging in hobbies that rejuvenate you?

You only have so many weekends. Don’t overbook your self with engagements that hardly enrich you, fail to fully engage you and feels like a waste of time.

Use your weekends wisely. One at a time.

Entertainment that’s profitable!

When experiencing a movie, a song, a situation, a story. A question that encourages me to squeeze wisdom form it is ‘What have I learnt from this?’

If you were so inclined to learning you could pick business lessons by watching an episode of Game of Thrones, notice a business gap while streaming through Spotify, spot a business idea as you drink packaged drinking water, gleam practical insight from a college case study, build a discipline from others mistake.

Growth isn’t taught, it’s caught. Insights are omnipresent. Train your eyes to notice and bring them into action.

Why everyone hates monotony and routine?

Monotony and routine have a bad rep amongst the youth, it’s frowned upon and nobody seems to like it. I was in the same thought group until I bumped on this quote which I now pasted on my studio door.

‘Be regular and orderly in your life so you can be violent and original in your work’ -Gustavo Flaubert

Having studied and interviewed multiple artists, entrepreneurs and businessmen for a while now, I realise the compound effect of daily routines, rituals and the impact of small seemingly insignificant habits practised over time.

Opt-out of the 4 Saturday’s a week mindset, unsubscribe the baked/stoned/sloshed group that you chill with so often, skip movie marathons, ditch lazy Sundays.

Design order and regularity in your life. If you don’t do it for yourself, someone else will. Bring your intensity, rigour and violence in the work that you are busy making happen.

I plead you, don’t waste your youth on things that don’t matter. Go, make some Galata.

Fail small, learn faster.

We all need to chase small failures instead of big successes. That way the resistance to start, the fear of criticism, the XYZ block, the excuses won’t stop you.

Failing small so you can bounce back up quickly and get back at it. Losing your 2Bhk over a failed attempt will wipe you out of further chances. The idea is to survive another day so you get a fresh chance at making things happen.

“In the past 9000 days, I’ve failed every day and learnt from them. ” – As PC Mustafa of IDfresh shared this with me in a recent interaction.

Investing your past into your present for a better future will only happen when the past has multiple failures to gain insights from.

Go, make some galata happen. It may not work. Do it anyway.