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Month: August 2018

But, Where are they headed?

You have entrusted them with your subscription, email, number, or are even following them.

Now, they have your attention.

Do they add, distract or amplify the work you choose to make happen?

The problem with fancy clothing, flashy toys, flawless filters on social media is that it’s more self-serving. Not every picture is worth a 1000 words. Very rarely do you stumble upon pictures that are worth 10,000 words or evoke silence?

Choose who you entrust your attention with wisely.

Reputations: whole or hollow?

Reputations take ages to build but minutes to destroy. I disagree. Is it really that hollow, brittle and weak that it breaks in minutes? Facades that are built get destroyed easily, reputations don’t.

If you are building a reputation and are up for paying the price. Remember the integrity will be tested. Build it on the foundation of values. It’s hard work, easy shortcuts are plenty but they rarely yield. Reputations magnify whatever was already existing. If one is a jerk and gets a billion dollars, well he’s a jerk with a billion dollars. Choose your core values and commit to them. Build your reputation around them.

Tata’s is the gold standard for trust, Semco is known for democratically running an extremely complex organisation, Infosys is recognised for its corporate governance, Zappos is highlighted for making its customers happy!

(Off-topic) The Rakhi request.

You’d been waiting for Rakhi for a long time, now that you’ve cherished the relationship with your Brother, celebrated the festivity, collected gifts and cash.

I believe you have a choice now:

  • Spend the money – Buying that AND clothing you had your eyes on, That flagship smartphone, or the sling bag with suede.
  • Save the money – Tucking it in the secret compartment of your lady purse or squeezing it in a Gullak.

Here’s my plea:

This Rakhi, start something that will grow with you. Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale. A BIG aspect of feeling independence is having enough money. You may be dependent on your job, husband, father or brother financially. Which is fine. But why miss out on the thrill of growing, multiplying your money?

The financial world is TOO complicated, Not enough money, the fear of losing money is BIGGER than the thrill of growing and multiplying money, on and on. This happens to the best of us. It’s OK.

Just begin.

A few steps you can immediately take are:

  1. Watch One Idiot and Return of One Idiot. – It’s by Amole Gupte, The man behind 3 Idiots.
  1. An app you can start off with as less as ₹500 – Simply Save.
  2. Tony Robbins is striving to simplify finance. Check out Unshakeable and Money Master the game

Sell sell and sell

You may trick someone to buy your product. But they will soon discover it and never return. You can reduce the prices to make the sale and join the race to the bottom. You know you’ll reach their sooner or later. You can bombard people, paint their world with your name and push them to buy you.

Selling is not just about getting the order . It’s about adding value and then capturing the value ( the order ). The best salespeople care for their customer, they stick their neck out, go out of their way to serve. That’s why they earn our trust. A lifetime value of a customer is enticing to think of but hard to maintain and even harder to scale.

Be the salesperson that can serve a customer for a lifetime and capture the value at the same time.

Infinite returns.

There are a few habits, rituals, disciplines that pay compounded returns. You may not be able to reap compound interest on your money but you can definitely do so with the other areas of life.

A simple DEAL – Diet, Exercise And Lifestyle. These maintained over a long enough period of time reap compounded returns.

Pick one little habit and begin investing time, energy and attention to keep it going. Experience the most powerful mathematical formulae in your life.

Happy compounding!

False formalities

You’ve heard enough of them to a point that you have begun to ignore them. In conversations, artificial sweeteners rarely work. They are ok to get by. But if you intend to make an impression, initiate a connection, build a network then you’d need to change the by defaults of your conversations.

The mighty small.

The proof of the pudding is not just in eating. It’s in the little things much before you choose to eat. The appearance, ambience, affluence of the experience can be easily manipulated. In short, you can be fooled.

When stuck with a dilemma to choose between 2 close choices. Choose the one that is more meticulous. Cause if somebody was careful enough to look into this small aspect, they must’ve thought through a lot of other things too.

Counter perspective:

Details are important. A few small details make a BIG difference. The rest is negligible. Delivery under 30 minutes was a small detail for Pizza Hut which turned out to be BIG. Clicking on the logo to return to the homepage of a website was another small detail that made a HUGE difference. “Would you like fries and coke with that?” Was a one-liner that doubled McDonald’s per order profits. The introduction of a new theme every meeting transformed Toastmasters into an interesting, engaging event to look forward to week after week.

Eat the right head

In the Indian culture, there’s a phrase that if literally translated means “Don’t eat my head”. Figuratively it means stop picking my brains!

I think it’s worthwhile to pick brains. What you’d learn in a decade can be learnt over coffee with a wise man in an hour. So, whose brain would you seek a sneak peek of?

Choose wisely and ask shamelessly. Skip the gossips, the complaints. Seek their understandings, perspectives, lessons from the school of hard knocks, Experiences that shaped them.

What you do with the learnings, the pickings, stories and principles are up to you. I believe you’ll use them to make something happen. Go, make some galata.

Groups vs networks.

Groups are inherently closed, have a high-barrier to entry, need constant attention to keep up. They are formed usually due to the proximity of people, common characteristics or even due to similar problems.

Networks, on the other hand, are open, have low or no barrier to entry, are extremely diverse from deans to doctors, CXO’s to compounders all form a network. And one can easily co-mingle among them.

Building networks is a better investment of time, energy, money and sanity if you are just starting out, in college or building something that matters.