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Month: July 2018

Whether you like it or not.

There will always be the grind. Whether you love it or not. That’s the process that you’ll need to undergo. The price you pay to get where you choose to. Whether you like it or not you’ll need to deliver.

At a professional level, it’s visible – deadlines, targets, agendas, goals, etc. though at a personal level it’s a completely different story. We prefer lazy Sundays, couch surfing, binge movie marathons, mindless scrolling, junk food, messed up sleep cycles.

Whether you like it or not you’ll need to deliver on your audacious promise.

Raise your standards at a personal level. Michael Phelps, after winning through 2 Olympics, post-retirement in 2012 decided to turn around and make a comeback. The first change he made? Hitting the bed at 10 pm, everyday day after day for 4 years! That’s after winning being the most decorated Olympian of all time! He didn’t skip a single session. Not even on Sundays! If a man at the top of his game is this committed. What about you and I who are just beginning?

Get your personal act together and go make some galata.

A better question.

“What’s in it for me” is a lousy question to ask. It has limited answers – money, favours, money-equivalent products or services. Let’s ask a broader question: How can I contribute, create and capture value in this situation?

Contribute by applying your metal, emotional, intellectual faculties, technologies and street-smartness.

Create by utilising your resources – time, energy, money and sanity.

Capture the value created: it could be a cheque, a compliment or even valuable feedback.

Also note, contributing and creating comes much before capturing.

So begin at once! Now, go make some Galata.

Drop drop drop

Bend, mend or end the system, the status quo, the conventional norm.

Change in a culture begins with one individual that chooses to do something differently. With time a few people catch up and not everyone will do. If you fail, realise that this current system also didn’t exist not long ago. It may have been relevant then.

Don’t wait for all the critics, old hats, stubborn bureaucrats to die so you may begin. Begin now. Lay the groundwork now.

It took Ralph C Smedley 24 years, 4 failures to get a public speaking club up and running so young Christian men could speak effectively. Today Toastmatsers is a part of every cultural fabric.

It took Manjhi, 22 years of laser-focused, madness driven pursuit to chop through a mountain to make inroads between two villages.

It’ll take time. So begin now. Go make some galata.

Sustaining on the hard route.

There are always multiple ways to reach where you intend to reach. There are the easy ones, the ones we label as short-cuts. Get rich quick in 3 steps, loose 5kgs in a week, find your soul mate by just by swiping right.

They never work. Even if they do for a few they are not sustainable, healthy and worthwhile. You can win a lottery, lose that pot belly, find your soul mate and then lose them all for the worse! Because you haven’t built what it takes to sustain them.

The only way left is to take the hard way.

It’s boring, monotonous and a lot of work. That’s true but only half the story. The other half is about the foundation that gets built along the way, the lifestyle changes that are invaluable, the network developed on trust, the mindset and perception of opportunities that develop. Essentially, The skill sets that are needed to sustain what’s achieved.

Take the hard route. It doesn’t matter if it’s the path less taken, most taken or not taken at all. If you fail you’ll come back as a stronger individual. An individual who’s geared to work more, contribute more and make a difference. Not one that is desperately seeking another shortcut.

3 levels of consequences

The first is usually obvious. The rest needs some thought. The idea of thinking about consequences in layers is fascinating. As a youth, we are reckless and carefree. This being the best time to make the most of our opportunities because most of us are virtually well off financially, emotionally and mentally.

Let’s say you decide to buy an ice cream. ( Oversimplified )

The first consequence is a direct result or possible outcome of your action.

The first consequence is the taste, relishing the appetite, a happy ending to your meal.

The second consequence is a short-term impact – The increased calories, retarded digestion and at times a bloated stomach.

The third consequence is long-term – Over time the impact of having one ice cream is nil. But have enough of them and you have a big belly, poor digestion system, weak health and throat issues.

That’s too much thinking for buying an ice cream! But if you practice it enough for the small decisions until it becomes a habit that proves extremely useful for the big decisions.

Ps: Ray Dalio, the financial wizard goes to great depths in his book – Principles: Life and work. If you can, check it out.

Doing differently.

It makes business sense to do things differently. Not everything that way people won’t be able to relate with you but a few that count.

Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, A usual shoe brand but what they are doing differently is their business model of one for one. Where every shoe you buy, they gift one shoe to a kid in Argentina. It’s a small difference that people choose to talk about.

Grammarly, a website that checks grammar did something radically different when they introduced a keyboard! The catch? You get to correct your grammar on the go. Everything you type will be grammatically correct.

This tells a story. A story of caring beyond what is asked for.

If you are choosing to do things differently. Start caring beyond what’s expected.

The circle of subjects

It’s all connected. You may be studying a subject in isolation, but in application multiple subjects come together.

In basketball there are multitude of subjects being applied: Player statistics, Nutrition science, fitness regimes, marketing of the matches, selling of tickets, advertisements, crowd management, Emceeing, projectile motion of the ball, accurate electrolytes in every players’ water, mindset of each player, strategising, influencing team members, delivering your 110%.

While studying whichever subject you intend to master, imagine the various roles it may play in the totality of making something simple happen.

It’s humbling but also provides you the big picture.

Delivering a speech

The 3 simple steps to make a speech happen.

Get it down: Ink it, type it or scribble it on a tissue paper. Get all the ideas, thoughts, stories that you want to share out of your head and somewhere you can look at.

Get it right: Create an order, a sort of sequence, colour it with words, phrases, quotes, anecdotes or even humour. Now, look for grammatical errors, open ends, loopholes and fix them.

Get it out: You’ll never get it right, there will always be tweaks, new material and last minute changes. Get it out, anyways. It could be a stage, a studio or even a handheld device!

So, Get it down, get it right and get it out!

Now, Go make some galata!

Why you must take a chill pill.

Sometimes, It’s ok to be laid back, to be chilling, to unwind and just be.

No deadlines to worry about, no politics to ponder through, no immediate action. All time slots are closed for the world but open for you. This phase of “doing nothing” is also a creative zone. Ideas, stories flow naturally to you. You begin to notice the little things without much effort. Newton noticed the falling apple, Kabirdas noticed the hand-grinder, Zac Efron in “We are your friends” noticed everyday sounds.

When you bring these insights, original observations to your work, it personalises it in a way that’s unique to you. Your signature style and because it’s commonplace it instantly connects with people.

Ps: Manali Mehta and Ami Doshi have noticed the amazing healing power of salts and have launched INFINITE ME. I believe you’ll check it out,