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Month: June 2018

Support system

By rising others, we rise. Supporting then becomes a win-win-win scenario. The network effect takes place and enhances the overall value of everyone involved. It’s slow but steady. One act of support spreads multiplies and magnifies.

While we are on the way to make something happen. Let’s do it together. A little push when we are stuck, a cheer when we progress, a nudge when we get laidback. These keep one going through the grind. If you don’t have a support system that does this yet, become one! Start with you and then support others. It’s a matter of time you’ll have your own support system. It’s mutual and it’s worthwhile.

Dig the well before you get thirsty. Build the support system before you need it.

Empowered crabs.

The bucket of crabs is toppled and all of us are free to move. There is no one pulling you down anymore. It’s scattered and all are on our own.

Now you have nowhere to go but forward. The other crabs may hate you, dislike you. but you’ll also find those that will push you when you are stuck, cheer you when you stride.

You may choose to let this pass by or you can do something about it. Right now. Go, make something happen.

Taking leaps.

Transitions are rarely smooth. You can polish the edges, prepare the ground, take a few steps backwards and sprint to the edge but you can only jump to the other side. It’s uncertain, risky and at times scary. But it’s required. There is no such thing as a perfect transition. Some work will always be left undone, some abandoned, some executed just in time to aid the transition.

The moment will never be perfect. You’ll need to make do with not so perfect moments and make the transition happen. There are no guarantees, promises or parachutes. But you’ll live another day to take another jump, to make something else happen.

Manufacture urgency, scarcity or even security to push yourself to take that leap.

Opt out.

Surround yourself with systems, technologies that fasten your pace, increase your horsepower, deepen your intensity, widen your impact and save you time.

We get stuck in one ecosystem, software or application and accept its faults, fallacies and shortcomings. A freemium gets you only so far. At times it’s worth opting out.

The vehicles of your work need to be top of the game for you to reach world class. It may be expensive but others cost you more.

Opt into banks, ecosystems, applications, a technology that is in sync with your ambition and speed. The rest will rust while you race ahead.

Let’s go far and fast. It’s possible. It’s possible for you.

Ps; While you do look around for things to opt-in, it’ll we worthwhile to subscribe to my mailing list. That way a mail will land in your blog every day, day after day. While we both blaze a new path.


Birthdays are a packed affair. There are too many people to engage with but too less a time for deepening connections, creating bundles of happy memories and cherishing the shared past.

With expanded social circles, diverse groups and the willingness to celebrate it makes sense to celebrate birth week! 7 days of celebrations! You deserve it. A day for a select social circle.

It’s worthwhile creating bundles of happy memories and lasting experiences.

Take it slow, take your time, enjoy it. After all, it’s your birth week.

Ps: I’m celebrating my birth week from today! This is my 101st blog and I’m deeply grateful for all the readers for supporting, encouraging, nudging and correcting me.

On sale : Time

Time on stage is multiplied. If you are engaging with an audience of 500, then every second of yours is multiplied by 500! Everybody is focused on you, you have a responsibility to keep. Wasting your single second is wasting everyones second!

If your product, service, an idea can shave 5 seconds off a task and if 1000 people use it daily then you’ve just made a total of 21 days of time for those 1000 people in a year! Imagine if a million people use it?! That’s 57 years worth of time saved in a year! Almost a lifetime.

Businesses of today have an opportunity to make time for their customers. Time is finally on sale.

What will you do with all the extra time?!

Go, make something happen.

A life worth living is a life worth recording.

Record your days. Pen them down, type them up, snap pictures, capture the moments. While you are busy making something happen record your progress, failures, learnings, ideas, feelings, hunches, advice, stories that you stumble upon.

A life worth living is a life worth recording. It feels nostalgic, fills us up with emotions when we look back at our days which we may not remember much of but is recorded in great detail.

It gives a different of kick. It builds the courage to laugh at our past mistakes, blunders and goof ups. One realises the personal growth and progress ones made. It could be a reality check or surprise you with what you deeply desired in the past that you’ve taken for granted in the present!

Journal, my friend. Ink, type, click or shoot. There are many ways, pick one and stick to it every day, day after day. That’s your life! Your autobiography. The gift your great grandkids will adore, treasure, refer and relate with after you are long gone.

Read history to make history.

Living a lifetime in a week is possible. Biographies make it happen. Going through the journey of famed over-achievers, forgotten heroes, unsung contributors is enriching, exciting and extremely valuable.

What took one a lifetime of struggle to realise was made available to you in 200 pages!

Take the time to explore personalities of history that you want to get to know.

There’s a lot to learn from the heroes and villains of our history. Entertainment, the edge of the seat moments and the drama is a bonus.

Look for pearls of wisdom, differences of opinion, poetry that sustained them, their eccentric habits.

Read his-story to make history.

Ps: I am currently reading The Joy of Achievement: Conversations with JRD Tata by RM Lala.

Choose the high-way

The how is more important. Though society tends to look at the external results, projected glamour, professionally retouched, enhanced content. The end does matter but so does the means used to achieve it.

The problem with cheating, short-circuiting, hacking through to the end is it’s not sustainable and makes one feel hollow. Though thrilling it’s short-lived.

The fantastic thing about taking the long road, making incremental, slow yet steady progress is that it’s sustainable, scalable and inspiring.

In time people will discover your ways. I hope your path inspires them. If not, when is now a good time to raise your standards and tread the high-way.