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Month: February 2018

Did you just zone out?

“How did I reach here?” At times we are driving absentmindedly, lost amidst our thoughts, feelings, memories all while steering a car!

At the time, You catch yourself or reality strikes and you are summoned to the present but usually, it’s too late by then.

Does the same happen with the work you are busy making happen?

You may lose the track of time, but don’t lose the moment. Your best work comes when you are laser-focused.

Bring yourself back to the moment.


Do you need to know how it works? What formula is behind it, when and who invented it, what was his journey?

What if we cared more about what all we can do with it? Where we can ingeniously apply it, put it to work or just automate it and forget it.

I have never been fascinated by technicalities, I prefer the other way – being fascinated by possibilities and then understanding the technicality.

You may not know how it works, but you need to know how to make it work for you. There are multiple ways – Hire someone or a company that knows the ropes, skip it or do-it-yourself.

What are the possibilities that excite you?

Go a level deeper, what about it resonates with you?

Chasing rejection

Rejection hurts. in the short term, though in the long run, it benefits immensely. Only if you get rejected enough number of times.

Quite often people avoid it, numb the pain, excuse the sting or quit altogether.

A better strategy is to chase it. Relentlessly…’no’ is a beginning. Chase to get as many no’s as possible!

And then some more.

Eventually, the math will work in your favour. The work you seek to make happen will begin.

Walt Disney was rejected 302 times.

Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times.

Padman was rejected by everyone he knew( including his wife) until be found somebody that said a yes.

What’s your score?

It’s for you, not them.

It takes time. Meaningful work, precise communication, transformational cause. Whatever you have set-up yourself to do.

While you are giving it the time, can you be mature enough to live on less, lose the distractions, limit the meaningless conversations, let go of the critics and cynics, so you may lose yourself in work that is important and let your genius take over?

Then, giving it some more time. People may level-up, learn and understand your work or flush it, file it forever or delete the folder.

Still, continue to produce the work that matters. It’s not for them, it’s for you.

Do you know the value of….

Do you know the value of money? A conclusion more than a question! A conversation ender.

How do you measure the value of money?

By the time, sweat, and blood you spent to earn it?

If it’s the lottery is it less valuable?

If it’s inherited is it more precious?

Does its shade impact the value?

Who decides? What’s the benchmark? There is no standard answer.

₹10 was more valuable to us as kids with empty pockets, dreamy eyes and lollipop desires.

Today ₹10,000 also seems small!

What if we rather told our kids ’Do you know the power of money?’, ’Do you know how it works, so you can make it work for you?’

That’s a conversation starter, A question that opens up one’s mind and initiates an empowering thought process.

Ps; I’d highly recommend you to read Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach their Kids About Money that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! (With Updates for Today’s World) . Do yourself a favour and read it. It’s a game changer. If you’ve read it then I highly recommend you gift/ share it.

PPS; And check out Amol Gupte’s (Director of Tare Zameen Par, Stanley ka Dabba) One idiot.

Why are you still going to college?

There are thousands of courses online at a fraction of the cost, from the best faculties, hard-to-get universities accessible from anywhere!

Why are people still going to a physical classroom, studying a course for 5 months (a typing semester) when it can be completed in 30 days or less?

Does your college provide an audience from the world or just your locality? Though, Both provide an A4 sheet at completion (read certificate).

Placements are no more a monopoly of colleges.

Then what are you really paying the premium for?

For certainty from the assumption that this worked for others, so it’ll work for me.

It’s false.

What you can do is juggle college syllabus, online courses, seminars, workshops, fests that will add value to your education.

End of the day, did you learn something?

Why experiment?

To progress towards almost anything you choose to make happen. Experiment – feedback – learn – repeat

What if I fail or lose money or face rejection? Well, if you don’t then all of those are guaranteed anyway.

Opportunities will fail you, inflation and taxes will erode your wealth, and you’ve rejected yourself!

What if you succeed? What if you learn something valuable and get to share it with others? What if you enjoy the process?

Your life’s work, passion craft, baby-like-company are a series of experiments.

Don’t shy away from experimenting, there’s always an undo/ restore/ I-will-do-it-better-next-time button.

Now, go make something happen.

Winners are quitters.

They quite quickly, quite often (almost) everything so they can make the time for the very few essential things that really, truly matter to the mastery of their craft, precision of their sport, the perfection of their words. That’s the price. Though winning is not guaranteed, it’s worth doing anyway!

Quitting is hard. Especially when everybody else seems to be enjoying.

The word priority originally was singular. It meant the task that comes above everything else. Its meaning was distorted due to cultural influences.

Still, What’s your priority (there can only be one)?

Go, make that happen.

At times the way forward is a reverse.

Progress is not always going forward. Many times it’s better to go reverse, down-size, declutter, donate, delay or even delete.

Cycle makes business-sense, is health-wise on the busy streets of Bangalore.

Having less clothing is more. You naturally create ways to wear them differently.

Delaying gratification gives deeper pleasure over the long run.

Deleting non-essentials creates headspace and time for the essential.

At times the way forward is a reverse.

March on, anyways.