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Month: January 2018

Stalls that truly matter.

In college events, trade shows, street festivals stalls usually have one agenda – Attract the maximum possible crowd.

It’s easy to pursue being a fancy and attractive stall. Measuring success by the crowd surrounding a stall is common.

Yet, What’s better is, to begin with – the agenda of making a difference, spreading a simple idea, solving a tiny yet prickly pain point – To one person, one team, one event at a time.

A stall that states and demonstrates “We really care” is far more potent than the one that shouts “check us out!” or”Buy from us, please.”

Personal choice

Wine, weed, women(polyamory) Vs wisdom, wealth and weights.

The choice almost always is personal. One is low or no resistance and the other is high resistance.

I prefer the latter. It hurts, costs sweat, blood and a lot of tears. It’s worth the pain, personally.

In the long run, the former becomes tragical (highly likely) the latter becomes magical.

The question then is will you be an electron and tread the path of least resistance or will you empower yourself

to choose the path of highest resistance?

Now, go make something happen.

Spotting and solving rubiks

As a child, I struggled to solve it. I never successfully completed it.

Only later did I get aware of the formulas, algorithms to easily zip through it.

Approach problems like a Rubik’s cube. They almost always have a pattern or algorithm that can be spotted and solved. It’ll take a lot of trials, but its worth it attempting.

Ps: Choose your Rubiks cube wisely.

Throw the card

Throw your cards on the table.

A metaphor that is valuable because it works. Many times we leave things on the table – money, opportunities, additional order, an up-sell or a cross-sell, an important reference, or even someone’s phone number.

At this moment, an internal conflict arises – to do or not to do. To ask or not to ask.

The solution to this almost always is to throw your card on the table…Now, it’s their turn! They may choose to throw their card and this can go back and forth or they can choose to not engage yet you successfully attempted at making something happen.

More often than not, I’ve walked away with brilliant deals, deep friendships, VVIP contacts, increased confidence.

Next time you want to make something happen, throw your card on the table.

Ps: I wholeheartedly credit this to my mentor, Jyothi Mehta. I merely am a beneficiary.

What is college for?

Is it an investment?

A proxy to avoid marriage?

The only choice offered by parents?

The pursuit of yet another certificate for the sake of it?

Or to get laid?

I have found the most value in college outside the classrooms. In the libraries, canteens, fest’s, conventions, plays, workshops.

It is different for different people, the question then is now that you are here, how will you make the most of it?

It’s out there for those that seek.