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2 rotis

As a kid, I noticed an unusual practice: Dadi always cooked 2 extra rotis!

She is a calculative, creative and prudent cook who repurposed almost everything leftover, didn’t let go a drop of ghee, scraped the empty milk cover with warm water and efficiently ran the kitchen close to 0% wastage yet when it came to rotis she ensured that there was at least 2 extra in her aluminium roti-box!

When I would quiz her, she’d say her usual dialogue with pride: There will always be food in Bai’s kitchen!

I further observed, when a guest or two came unannounced (which was commonplace) she’d feed them happily and there would still be sufficient food for the rest of us!

Sabzi and daal would usually get over but the rotis were always there! And they could be had with pickle, curd or just ghee and jaggery!

There was no scarcity!

Roti was the perfect buffer!

What if you and I identified what mattered and created meaningful buffers like this?

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