On hate

Exploring why something angers you isn’t comfortable.

Maybe, because you notice that the person/object/situation is just a superficial trigger. Deep down, you are actually angry at yourself!

Or, maybe we are not willing to accept ourselves fully – especially our insecurities, shortcomings and darker desires. So, it’s convenient to project it out there.

In a culture where we promote our highlighted bits and hide the rest. Hate naturally thrives.

Maybe change starts by accepting that more than anyone else we hate ourselves.

Click-baity vs Click-worthy

You can pinch your content to serve the algorithms, vanity metrics and the whole wide world.

Or, you can align your content to meaningfully serve your smallest viable audience.

It’s easy to be click-baity but I hope you’ll do the emotional labour to be click-worthy instead!

Repurpose your podcast in 21 ways!

Publishing an episode is not the end. It’s just the beginning of the content, the relationship with your guest and your audience.

A podcast is a lot like milk. Culturally we have repurposed milk to make over 142 food items! Because you are seeking meaningful, insightful and engaging content from your guest, repurposing it for your audience is a worthwhile task.

I am listing 21-ways that you can repurpose your podcast’s episode:

  1. Recasts – 30-90 second video highlights of your interaction.
  2. A banner with your guests’ headshot photo along with a noteworthy quote.
  3. A blog with the entire transcript of your interaction along with an audio player.
  4. A tweet of an impactful insight.
  5. An un-edited episode: I like how Krista Tippet publishes both a concisely edited and a long-form unedited episode.
  6. A blog outlining all your key takeaways from this episode. (Preferably 3 or 5)
  7. An episode summary is a fantastic place to outline your episode’s content.
  8. A press release of the published episode’s transcript, raw audio and images of the guest, you and your logo.
  9. Getting the local press to publish an article using the previous point.
  10. Sharing the press release with newsletter writers, journalists, alumni group’s magazine editors, bloggers and PR companies that either you or the guest is associated with.
  11. Sending a quick note to everyone who was mentioned/discussed/got a shoutout with the relevant timestamp and episode link.
  12. Broadcasting the audio file with episode summary to your WhatsApp lists.
  13. Getting the guest to invite his audience to tune in by reading out the episode summary in a candid video.
  14. Republish pieces that worked after 6-months or a year.
  15. A micro-mini snippet works for stories, statuses. And while you are at it, don’t forget to add them to your highlights (on IG).
  16. Combine the insights of the best episodes into a concise, clear and catchy audiobook.
  17. Write a book that comes alive through your past episodes. Or extend a season into a book?
  18. Make a mental note of each episode’s main point and direct people to them during conversations, interactions and specific situations. Ensure it’s relevant to them.
  19. Thank the guest in the end and most guests will leave on a good note with gratitude and appreciation for your work. Use that bit as a guestimonial!
  20. Follow the guests’ journey henceforth on social media and creating a google alert. When appropriate use the content of the episode to support them in the future. (Birthday wishes, a promotion, fundraising efforts)
  21. Lend your episode, research notes, insights (and maybe a few words?) when a documentary is being made on your guest!
  22. End every episode in a signature style. Get your guests to do it as well! I usually say “Now, Go and make some Galata!” Guests love it and repeat it after me. Once you reach a critical mass, make a fusion outro from them!

Conversations are evergreen. This list is a chronicle-in-progress. How have you been repurposing your podcasts?

Thank you, Corona! – 15 Things I am grateful for.

We have been blaming, complaining and hating the damn virus. Yet, what I feel we haven’t done enough is acknowledging and expressing our gratitude towards it.

So, I am penning down everything that’s making me feel a sense of gratitude for corona.

  • I am grateful for Corona because I could witness the generosity, strength and sheer will that the citizens of our world possess.
  • I am thankful for corona because of which I was able to spend significant time with my family. Through it, we grew stronger, closer and more appreciative of each other.
  • I am glad that because of Corona I got the time to dig deep into many tomes and dedicate significant mind space to ruminate over the bigger questions facing our existence.
  • I am thankful for corona because it brought up immense systemic challenges, issues and gaps. Because we are fighting today, our future generations will be safer, well equipped and prepared.
  • I am grateful for the virus to have shown me how insignificant we are on this planet. It has humbled me, more than anything else.
  • I am glad that I got broke during the past lockdown. It starkly revealed the nurturing, loving and caring that my family had towards me in a radically different light.
  • I am happy as I was able to hear the birds chirping from my study table! Their voice had always been overpowered by the usual Bangalore’s buzz.
  • I am thrilled that corona showed me how resilient nature truly is! All the videos of nature flourishing again filled me with immense hope.
  • I am deeply grateful for corona to have given the time for individuals to pause and reconsider the fast-paced, cut-throat, whatever-it-takes life they were pursuing.
  • I am thankful that corona made me acknowledge the labour workforce that I took for granted.
  • I am happy to have witnessed this unfold. From a distance at first and recently up close. The ones who recovered reassured and supported those that were suffering!
  • I am grateful for the family members I lost. All lived long, healthy and fulfiling lives.
  • I am glad that I witnessed how little I actually needed to survive! If this is the worse that can happen, then I can make it in life.
  • I am delighted for the clarity I gained, the relationships nurtured and the resilience I witnessed.

Corona will go, it’s a matter of time. Yet, I will remain grateful for a long time. Indeed, it has shaken us, stripped us of basics and surprised us with heartbreaks. Still, it is changing us for the better, strengthening our healthcare systems and bringing us closer – at a distance.

On dhoti and minimalism

Jeans never felt like the symbol of minimalism.

To begin with, making one takes up an average of 2000 litres of water! The chemicals used in bleaching, processing and packaging are proven to be hazardous for you overtime (Because the skin is the largest organ), they don’t last as long as they used to and we discard instead of maximising them.

Unusually, I found a worthy solution that not only reconnected me to my Marwadi roots but also stunned me by its sheer simplicity.

A dhoti is where the minimalist buck stops! 

It costs 1/10th of a branded jeans and it fits everyone! There will never be a need for sizing, it can be worn in umpteen number of styles, needs no adjusting post a feast, can be washed once a week (or more if you work from home), it’s usually made of 100% cotton so it’s breathable, healthy and easy to maintain. In the past 30-days of my attempt, I felt like I had a cloud between my legs when I was in a dhoti! It is that comfortable!

PS: Today is Rajasthan Divas and I’m committing to wearing a Dhoti and Jhubba to work for the next 6-months. If you can, do join in. 

There is enough time.

Being ambitious with time can be fatal.

We terribly underestimate the amount of time an accomplishment will take. The smarter you think you are, the sooner you set the deadlines for your mighty goals.

It’s hard to accept that progress takes significantly more time despite precisely drafted business plans, creative use of resources or even the glaringly obvious problems your audience is tolerating.

Instead of being ambitious with time, why not be flexible with it?

From notes to navel.

The essence of taking good notes is that it leads to thoughtful actions.

The hard labour of capturing, applying and refining our learnings.

Doing the deeper work of digesting the needle moving insights is worthwhile.

When the path tests you.

When days go by without making a sale.

When resistance knocks off weeks worth of writing.

When a month passes without publishing an episode.

Your faith sulks, enthusiasm pales and energy dives.

What if you gazed at this phase as a test? A filter that separates the persisting professional from the wandering amateur.

Stay the course. Especially when the path tests you.

End of content.

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