From notes to navel.

The essence of taking good notes is that it leads to thoughtful actions.

The hard labour of capturing, applying and refining our learnings.

Doing the deeper work of digesting the needle moving insights is worthwhile.

When the path tests you.

When days go by without making a sale.

When resistance knocks off weeks worth of writing.

When a month passes without publishing an episode.

Your faith sulks, enthusiasm pales and energy dives.

What if you gazed at this phase as a test? A filter that separates the persisting professional from the wandering amateur.

Stay the course. Especially when the path tests you.

Lost in marketing

As I observe every festival, event and occasion being framed to maximise profits, capture attention and tweaked to serve commercial agendas instead of consumer needs.

I wonder what we are doing to our cultural fabric.

Because if you trace back the arc of every celebration it is glaringly obvious that a lot is lost in the marketing.

The spirit of the festivity feels hollow.

The right thing is better than everything

Something is better than nothing is a lazy approach. Because in most cases it is inadequate. You could still be a chooser despite your circumstances.

A proactive approach is that of: The right thing is better than everything.

Because it is the right thing. For you.

Don’t wait for the right thing to come to you, instead go and seek it, buy it or build it.

Make every minute ring

If you care enough for your audience then you will make the extra time to clean the ugly first version, cut the fat, cover-up the goof-ups, amplify the moments of wow, clarify new words, concepts or name drops, align the overall narration so it’s worth listening, sharing and relistening.

An easier way to feel the pinch of the rough edges is to magnify it’s seemingly small impact by the size of your audience.

If the ah’s, um’s and long pauses suck up 2 minutes of your episode with an audience of 10,000. Then it’s a collective drain of 2-weeks worth of time, energy and attention! Nevermind the distraction and irritation it causes to your listeners.

Refine until it’s your best work. It will never be perfect. Yet, it can still be your best work.

Go and make some Galata.

Respect the relationship

When you realize someone doesn’t need what you are pitching, instead of ignoring the red flags or hustling the prospect choose to respect the relationship that you have cultivated so far and close the interaction.

You can always reconnect when you have something that is relevant, appropriate and ready for them. They will be more open, willing and accomodating because they know that you care.

For now, respect the relationship and leave gracefully.

Systems are generous.

Building systems that work is a generous act.

If you care enough about the impact you are seeking to make, then it’s worthwhile to create, test and crystallise systems.

Systems make our world reliable, simple and sensible.

Not again!

Cross-checking challenges your status quo.

It seems unnecessary, boring and wasteful. (How could I, of all be wrong?)

Instead of asking yourself where you went wrong, what if you questioned: Is this my best work?

This shifts the tension in your favour, cross-checking transforms from a chore to a generous act.

Go, make some Galata.

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