Stop inventing silly.

We are always inventing:

  • Things to do to avoid the meaningful work.
  • Excuses to cover-up.
  • Stories to fool ourselves.
  • Comebacks that we will use the next time. (It never comes!)

What if, we paused and inquired: Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?

If it’s a yes, now is a good time to make a not-to-do list and commit to it.

Expiry dates.

It has an impossible task of predicting when the product will be unfit for its intended purpose.

There are multiple factors that influence, for instance, your jar of peanut butter. From cross-country transportation to the neighbours in your kitchen shelf to even the metal of the spoon stored in it.

How then does one determine a practical expiry date? Isn’t the printed one an irrelevant average?

It turns out, we have naturally developed a sniff and taste test to determine the actual expiry!

This lends an interesting metaphor.

What if we tested our assumptions, default approaches and practices instead of merely accepting them at face value?

When’s your independence?

Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colours.” – Charles Bukowski.

We strongly feel we are free as individuals until we test our assumption.

We are enslaved because of our lifestyles, dangling between a financial feast or famine, hooked on a modern form of addiction: social media, prescription drugs, junk food, ‘add your vice’.

What do you need freedom from was an easy question when the enemy was an obvious, oppressive other. But, your present enemies are subtle, seductive and engineered to be sticky.

Maybe now is a good time for you to chart a course to get unhooked, unplugged, uncluttered, and break free from the modern-day slavery.

When will you celebrate your Independence Day?

Creating a new normal.

We’ve normalised a lot of practices, habits, ideologies that serve others more than us.

The unpleasant taste of our toothpaste, dependency on caffeine to fire us up, seeking reassurance on social media, outsourcing our courage to a liquid, etc.

Anything done over a sustained period of time is normalised. Because we take it for granted – just a little.

Instead, what if we sold ourselves into approaches that liberate us, simplifies our lives and serves us first. Instead of those that enslave us.

Now is a good time we uninstalled the lesser and made space for the higher.

Nothing much.

The by default response to a what’s up?

How could there be nothing much happening at your end?

You haven’t fallen sick or met with an accident, you are still financially afloat, still have your sanity intact, are well-nourished and continue to have access to breathable oxygen, clean water and a reliable roof!

Still, you reply with a nothing much?

Instead of reinforcing our ignorance of all of the above and more benefits why not use the opportunity to acknowledge the blessings we have been endowed with?

What if the next time someone asked what’s up…we replied “staying blessed“.

The upper ceiling of your business.

The lure of going into business for yourself is the possibility of having no financial ceiling.

The universe is the limit! Or so we assume.

However, the biggest ceiling of your venture happens to be you!

The business is limited by what you don’t know, what you don’t maximise and what you don’t eliminate.

Instead, begin looking at yourself as a ceiling. One that the business needs to outgrow sooner rather than later.

It’s better for you to not be the cog, the tollgate or worse the dog chained to the business it began. Instead, be a policeman by the side. Chiming in when things are slowing down, stagnating or aren’t scaling.

Skip the smooth transitions

Growing up I observed an interesting practice during prime time. We in parallel watched 3 channels! Usually: cricket, news, and an Ekta Kapoor serial.

We optimised TV time to suit everyone except the advertisers!

Why not use this insight in public speaking? Instead of designing smooth transitions that are limiting (and boring) jump across a broad range of topics, p.o.v’s, ideologies and leave it to us to be surprised, engaged and capable to process it.

Don’t smoothen your speech to a point that it loses its edge!

Being busy is like being a bomb!

The difference between a bomb and a rocket is that a rocket is a focused bomb-blast!

Such an apt metaphor for deep work.

Being busy is like being a bomb. Being laser-focused on 1 thing for a significant time is like being a rocket. All your energy, intensity and thought power geared to move one thing forward.

Begin with baby-steps like 25-minutes and build to 90-minute power blocks.

The best time I’ve found is at the beginning of my workday, every day.

PS: Rohan Ganapathy, in EP9 explained this. It’s a worthwhile interaction.

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