You have entrusted them with your subscription, email, number, or are even following them.

Now, they have your attention.

Do they add, distract or amplify the work you choose to make happen?

The problem with fancy clothing, flashy toys, flawless filters on social media is that it’s more self-serving. Not every picture is worth a 1000 words. Very rarely do you stumble upon pictures that are worth 10,000 words or evoke silence?

Choose who you entrust your attention with wisely.

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About Puneeth Suraana

I wake up every morning excited to wholeheartedly contribute to people’s lives and make a difference. I publish a blog a day, every day and would continue to write them even if nobody read it. I notice things, deeply think about ideas that will spread. I am a fitness and health junkie, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, personal development. I strive to read 2 books a week. I am an audio producer and host at The Galata Podcast. I am currently pursuing my final semester in MBA at PES University, Bangalore, India. Let’s make some Galata!