When no one buys what you have made? When the stalls are stocked and the cash box still empty, when your energy dips with each passerby ignoring, failing to notice what you have made with such love and care. When you think you’ve given your all but the market doesn’t reward you. You can shrug your shoulders, breathe low in your chest, swallow the hurt and blame that the market gives you what you deserve not what you desire.

But, and that’s a big but. Ship your product anyways, set up your stall, open your shop, launch yourself out there. You are here to make a difference and that takes its time.

As Sourabh pant mentioned in his gig at PES University – ’it takes 10 years to become a tolerable comedian, I’m in my 9th’

The keyword there is 10 years. Give it the time, effort, energy, money and sanity it demands.

Still, if you don’t end up denting the universe you would’ve become a different, more evolved individual.

(Ps: My team and I have set up an exclusive superhero merchandise stall at PES University for their flagship Aatmatrisha 2018. Do check it out here.)

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