What will you go big on?

Many of us are blessed with additional time, resources and mind-space during the quarantine period.

As people in your network pick various activities to keep themselves occupied, entertained and sane. A different approach may work for you.

Instead of asking what all I can do to kill time, why not ask what can you go big on?

What’s that one project, idea or initiative that you could dedicate the time to?

It needs to be one. Decide now and get going.

Can’t wait to see what you make happen.

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About Puneeth Suraana

I wake up every morning excited to wholeheartedly contribute to people’s lives and make a difference. I publish a blog a day, every day and would continue to write them even if nobody read it. I notice things, deeply think about ideas that will spread. I am a fitness and health junkie, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, personal development. I strive to read 2 books a week. I am an audio producer and host at The Galata Podcast. I am currently pursuing my final semester in MBA at PES University, Bangalore, India. Let’s make some Galata!