The proof of the pudding is not just in eating. It’s in the little things much before you choose to eat. The appearance, ambience, affluence of the experience can be easily manipulated. In short, you can be fooled.

When stuck with a dilemma to choose between 2 close choices. Choose the one that is more meticulous. Cause if somebody was careful enough to look into this small aspect, they must’ve thought through a lot of other things too.

Counter perspective:

Details are important. A few small details make a BIG difference. The rest is negligible. Delivery under 30 minutes was a small detail for Pizza Hut which turned out to be BIG. Clicking on the logo to return to the homepage of a website was another small detail that made a HUGE difference. “Would you like fries and coke with that?” Was a one-liner that doubled McDonald’s per order profits. The introduction of a new theme every meeting transformed Toastmasters into an interesting, engaging event to look forward to week after week.

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