The left hand is no more meant for that!

In India, people use their bare right hand to eat, left-handers are also mandated to eat with the right hand. As the latter was meant for cleaning the buttocks. Until – soaps intended for handwash became a commonplace.The practice still exists nevertheless, indicating the lag time a product takes to uproot a practice which is no more relevant.

A faster, more efficient (33%), intuitive keyboard format exists (Dvorak) but people still use the qwerty keypad, which is a leftover from the era of typewriters. Even if the solution is obvious, the increased gain visible, people will take time to switch. What’s more important?

The patience, persistent belief to let the masses get ready for the switch. The lag time may have reduced in the information era but the effort required has only increased.

Start early, start now and go make something happen.

PS: I’ve attempted to break the mould, change the status quo, We are figuring it out as we go along, check us out here. I believe you’ll support us.

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