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The how matters.

How matters more than we give it the due credit. In a while, people will unscramble it. Will their findings change the way they think of you? More than others, it’s about you and the decisions you make. It reflects the values you stand by. Cause, we aren’t judged by our words, but by the actions we take. It’s easy to compromise a little on one corner. It’s hard

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Please, give-up!

Winners quit all the time. That is a practical, profitable and pragmatic approach. To see progress, you will need to give up what isn’t working for you, some may be dear to you. Your wisdom has got you here, it won’t take you there. To level up, you’ll need to give-up some of your ideas, insights and beliefs. You’ll need to give-up practices, ventures and products that you are

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Do they deserve you?

Puneeth’s blog: Do they deserve you?

Does this market, audience or clientele deserve your effort, attention and generosity?

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Who are they working for?

Puneeth’s blog: Who are they working for?

Train the filters, algorithms, feeds to give you what you want.
Usually it’s not what the platform finds profitable.
Get them to work hard to find relevant, meaningful and purposeful information to you.
Block, unfollow, hide, report, unsubscribe.
Fine-tune your virtual world to work for you.

And my question is…

Puneeth’s blog: And my question is…

Why do you ask a question in a public forum?
To sound smart? To shamelessly plug your startup? To seek reassurance?
To clarify a point, elaborate

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Hitting reset.

When stuck mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually. It helps to take a long walk without any machines, a long and warm shower or eating real slow as you chew the food and sense the spices, flavours and texture. Pause and take a break. Moving away from the sight your pending work, the sound of your studio and the space of your chair for a short while may be just

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‘To whomever it may concern’

There’s no emotion, regard and definitely no concern in that statement. If it’s that important why not care to address those that the letter or memo will impact? It takes emotional labour and it shows that you really care and are concerned. We as a culture prefer the easy route out to move on to the next thing, and then the next. Not realising that we have the opportunity

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Opting out.

We have created a virtual culture where if the content doesn’t connect with us in the first 30 seconds we will opt-out. Move on and choose something else to expend our attentions on.
But, what happens in a real-world scenario?

Why everyone hates monotony and routine?

Monotony and routine have a bad rep amongst the youth, it’s frowned upon and nobody seems to like it. I was in the same thought group until I bumped on this quote which I now pasted on my studio door. ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so you can be violent and original in your work’ -Gustavo Flaubert Having studied and interviewed multiple artists, entrepreneurs and businessmen for

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