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Uncommon collaboration

It’s not the ones at the centre of an industry that disrupt it, it’s the ones who are at its peripherals. Because they don’t ‘match the following’ as insiders. But that’s changing fast. Insiders from different industries are collaborating uncommonly to solve problems (Think: A toy maker from Channapatna and a senior throat surgeon from HCG Hospital) No industry is too far, isolated or exclusive anymore. (Think: Temples collaborating

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Who are they working for?

Puneeth’s blog: Who are they working for?

Train the filters, algorithms, feeds to give you what you want.
Usually it’s not what the platform finds profitable.
Get them to work hard to find relevant, meaningful and purposeful information to you.
Block, unfollow, hide, report, unsubscribe.
Fine-tune your virtual world to work for you.

Why everyone hates monotony and routine?

Monotony and routine have a bad rep amongst the youth, it’s frowned upon and nobody seems to like it. I was in the same thought group until I bumped on this quote which I now pasted on my studio door. ‘Be regular and orderly in your life so you can be violent and original in your work’ -Gustavo Flaubert Having studied and interviewed multiple artists, entrepreneurs and businessmen for

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Skip a meal if you have to but not a book.

Puneeth’s blog: Skip a meal if you have to but not a book.

Go chain-smoke books, binge read books, befriend books, read till your mind goes poof.

Every time I enter a library I remember the legendary words of a professor. ”If you want an education go to the library” I’ve got more from books than from my classes, conversations and conferences.
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Where do I get my ideas from?

Where do I get my ideas from?
I am frequently asked this question.
I steal them. All of them.

From my interactions, exposure to different industries, expansive reading across genres, situations and stories that I stumble upon. All of these are my pools to steal from!
I steal phrases, dialogues, ideas, approaches, insights, strategies, mindset’s, routines, recipes. So must you.

Steal them and share some. Because of my experience, understanding, exposure is limited. By sharing ideas they get refined, clear and practical. I take the support of experts and wise men to progress my work and aid me in stealing more!

Innovation is for everyone.

Innovation is less about being without any limits, boundaries or restrictions. It’s more about directing your flow of thoughts through a framework. Studies and experience points at it being better when done as a team. There are multiple frameworks that have been developed, protected and sold at a premium. So much, for eliciting answers, insights and ideas from you! Go beyond brainstorming, explore other frameworks and see what works

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