Push your voice forward.

It’s hard to get someone to open up in a studio environment. The bone-chilling AC, the overwhelming headphones, the blankness of a mic. It’s difficult to forget them all and speak as if nothing existed. Their hums, breaths and ah’s are easy to capture though.

It’s easy to get somebody comfortable in their homes, at their office or even at their usual cafeteria. But it’s hard to get their voice right, to keep the echos at bay and maintain audio consistency through this episode and the next and the one after that.

So, the average podcaster faces a dilemma that actually matters less than the soul of the show: The interaction itself.

Laser-focus on getting the interaction ringing right. The average Indian audience has ordinary headphones but an extraordinary sense of accommodation.

We’ve grown-up reducing the quality of streaming to save data, made good with a poorly-pirated version of everything and have thrived despite technical uncertainty.

Focus on what matters. The interaction first. Your audio recording resources are enough for us.

Bring your voice to it.

Go, go, go!

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