Respect the work

No matter what the work is. Respect it. This changes everything! The errands become an opportunity to serve, the labels don’t matter much, you show up on time, prepared and ready to make things happen, your work becomes your contribution to the world. Irrespective of the being told to support the guests as they park their vehicles, to chime in and serve food at a wedding though you are

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Just finish it.

Starting something has boldness and magic in it yet there is peace, pride and liberation in completing what you began. Having begun something, complete it. The magic is rarely felt at the beginning. The work you ship out there, the lives it touches, the money it makes and the sleep post a hard-working day. That’s magic. Go, make some Galata!

One Prof. can change your life.

Not all professors are worth their salt. Many are boring, repetitive, dispassionate and a few act as a sidekick to the presentation. But every once in a while and in most departments there is a professor or two who are outliers. The ones you click with, who get you and are the reason you show up. Look for these and catch learning’s while you are at it. Ask them

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Build it for the people.

Too often we let go vanity in the interest of volumes! Boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes. Beds in hospitals that maximise real estate yet compromise on quality, privacy and healing. Classrooms that are fancy, expensive and state-of-art but add little value to the student. Concrete jungles don’t inspire. You’ll need to think about people as you build something that sustains. Trees, gardens even windows make

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Asking better

The audience rarely accepts a sage from the stage, they prefer a guide by their side. This shifts the responsibility of learning to the audience. From mere receivers to co-explorers! By asking better we are doing a favour to ourselves and everyone who’s listening in. How could we possibly ask better? Keeping it simple, short. (One good test is: is it easy to repeat?) Open-ended questions lead nowhere. Be

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Accidental entrepreneurs

There aren’t any. Some may intend to be rich and see entrepreneurship as a fast track. Some realise that the only way to move their idea forward is to create a company around it, few just find it cool to flash a CEO card (or a carefully concocted catchy and self-assigned role). Entrepreneurship is a hard road to travel on. Hardly does one do it accidentally. Travel it with

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Building confidence

Confidence is built with one handshake, one word, one step at a time. Sure, you could fake your way through it yet those that you are seeking to serve will see through it. Instead, admit to yourself and others that you are nervous, anxious and overwhelmed. Then proceed to interact to build connection, earn trust and make something happen. Begin with interacting with 1 new person a day –

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How much is your education worth?

In my college, I noticed many calculate ROI on education based on the placement package they got, a few based on the appreciation in the dowry which they feel entitled to and some just didn’t bother because they were there because they were put there. I flipped the question, how much can I make my education worth before I graduate? What if I pay ₹8 lakh tuition and get

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But, Why do you need it?

A question that my Dad would ask me since I was 8!
Whenever I had to ask him money, I had to explain exactly what I was going to do with it (308 more words)