We have created a virtual culture where if the content doesn’t connect with us in the first 30 seconds we will opt-out. Move on and choose something else to expend our attentions on.

But, what happens in a real-world scenario?

Are people who you are interacting with mentally opting out? Are they disinterested, zoned out or just tolerating you?

Don’t seek to grab people’s attention. You are running behind a 30-second attention span that is hard to engage, entertain and convert!

Instead, seek to get permission. It’s slow, gradual and demands emotional labour. But the audience prefers opting in, allowing you an opportunity to serve them!

They’ll pay you their attention, their time and eventually their money!

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About Puneeth Suraana

I wake up every morning excited to wholeheartedly contribute to people’s lives and make a difference. I publish a blog a day, every day and would continue to write them even if nobody read it. I notice things, deeply think about ideas that will spread. I am a fitness and health junkie, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, personal development. I strive to read 2 books a week. I am an audio producer and host at The Galata Podcast. I am currently pursuing my final semester in MBA at PES University, Bangalore, India. Let’s make some Galata!