On vs In

Most aggressively study theory as they are usually adept with memory, recalling abilities and are logical. (Like, they know where they can score!)

Many students skip the theory sections and head straight to practicals. (Because of their learning style may be more hands-on, auditory or feeling driven.)

The society in-general places practicality on a pedestal and tuck aside all-things -theory (Thanks to the intellectual bullying they’ve experienced)

This has led to a bad rep for theory.

What does this mean for the millennial entrepreneur?

The focus is on being reactive, deploying tactics and achieving success. They are obsessed with working in the startup and ignore working on the startup.

To work on the startup means being proactive, strategising and systemising across the venture.

Thanks to their bad taste with theory, stumbling, fumbling and outright avoiding grappling with the theory is the usual route most take.

It’s time we as a culture transformed this! Being bookish is good, the theory is crystallised wisdom and knowledge is potential power.

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