Marriage is not a full-stop.

To your dreams.

To your ambitions.

To your goals.

It’s not a dead-end, but it’s a bend in the road. A bend that’s worth taking for many of us.

Home appliances, productivity hacks and microwave have freed up time, energy and sanity for a homemaker like never in the history of homemakers!

There are too many excuses that you and I have heard from housewives. From orthodox in-laws, lack of encouragement to logistics issues.

I plead you, do not quit on your goals, ambitions and dreams! Instead be where you are, with whatever you have. Progress one step at a time.

Drip by drip. Build something meaningful, worthwhile and better.

The challenges that you’ve been facing are the very reason why some women have achieved what they have.

Marriage is a full-stop. If you let it be.

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