Starting something has boldness and magic in it yet there is peace, pride and liberation in completing what you began.

Having begun something, complete it. The magic is rarely felt at the beginning.

The work you ship out there, the lives it touches, the money it makes and the sleep post a hard-working day. That’s magic.

Go, make some Galata!

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About Puneeth Suraana

I wake up every morning excited to wholeheartedly contribute to people’s lives and make a difference. I publish a blog a day, every day and would continue to write them even if nobody read it. I notice things, deeply think about ideas that will spread. I am a fitness and health junkie, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, personal development. I strive to read 2 books a week. I am an audio producer and host at The Galata Podcast. I am currently pursuing my final semester in MBA at PES University, Bangalore, India. Let’s make some Galata!