In my college, I noticed many calculate ROI on education based on the placement package they got, a few based on the appreciation in the dowry which they feel entitled to and some just didn’t bother because they were there because they were put there.

I flipped the question, how much can I make my education worth before I graduate?

What if I pay ₹8 lakh tuition and get ₹80 lakh worth of wisdom, insights and skills?

The placement package, earnings on the side or investments from parents is a bonus!

Figure out how to 10x your education’s worth. Ask hard questions, find the 2 teachers in your college who go the extra mile, binge read in the library, attend practical workshops, conferences and webinars! Use entertainment to progress your further, In short, whatever it takes.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it!

Your education is your responsibility, make it worth 10x of what you paid in time, energy and money!

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