A question that my Dad would ask me since I was 8!

Whenever I had to ask him money, I had to explain exactly what I was going to do with it, most times he would brush it away, push it to the next day or outright say no.

The only choice I had then to get my Alpenliebe fix and ( bigger things much later) was to keep at it. Convince him of the value in it.

Whether it was the new tuition that opened next door, the keyboard classes I yearned for or a pair of spare spectacles.

The question kept coming back. Why do you need it?

A one-time explanation hardly worked. So, my sister and I devised an idea! To research everything about the transaction we were asking him to fund!

To visit 10 shops, find the best option, negotiate hard and then come to convince Dad that it was the best deal.

A few months of doing this and I deeply desired to purchase my first smartphone! We went through our research, figured out the prices and the best deal in the city. And, approached Dad thinking this is it! He will at last fund it in one go!

In the middle of our explaining to him as to why we needed the phone, why the price was right and the product revolutionary. He rang up one of our distant uncles who we were told was dealing with computers and phones. He greeted him and handed the phone to us to convince him of our idea!

We repeated the pitch and why it was perfect to own that phone. But he didn’t agree! The price we found to be the best, was high according to him!

The phone was not funded. The uncle turned out to be the largest distributor of that brand in the city! And my plans for owning the first generation iPhone were dished.

Yet, the lesson remains: Today, the market asks me the same question Dad did. But, now I’m prepared.

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