There are times when we speak slower than the thoughts running through our minds and then there are times when we speak faster than our thoughts. Left at the end of a sentence with less breath and no idea of what to speak next. These scenarios are common. We need to match the speed of our tongue with that of our thoughts, which keeps fluctuating. It’s faster when you are hyper, excited, under stress and it’s slower when you are contemplating, relaxed, calm and grounded. Communicators must match the speed of their thoughts with that of their tongue.

A lot of times, people get blank on stage. Due to too many thoughts (fast) or no thoughts at all (extremely slow). Take a step forward, move physically to break your state, observe your thought speed and begin or continue to speak. It’s hard at first and gets even more complicated when people are staring at you with expecting eyes, the awkward silence in the room and the stage feels like no man’s land. We all go through it. It’s part of the process. Take your time.

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