The big business of resolutions.

Puneeth’s blog: The big business of resolutions.

Most resolutions fail because people don’t see through the dip. Multiple businesses benefit around this insight! They know you will commit and fail to keep it.

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Bulb moments

We ignore the obvious. Which aids our survival. Yet, there are areas where overlooking the obvious will cost more resources. Noticing the obvious is hard. It requires us to change the way we look at things, choose a different standpoint and let go of our assumptions. Then, the bulb in our head lights up! An event, a passing comment or a sneak peek through a random book in the

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Meaningful specific

Not for everyone.
Not for the masses.
Not for the whole world.
For a few. Just enough so you can keep moving forward. It’s lesser than you think. Make something meaningful, worthwhile and relevant.
Twenty is plenty. Make it meaningful instead.

Uncommon collaboration

It’s not the ones at the centre of an industry that disrupt it, it’s the ones who are at its peripherals. Because they don’t ‘match the following’ as insiders. But that’s changing fast. Insiders from different industries are collaborating uncommonly to solve problems (Think: A toy maker from Channapatna and a senior throat surgeon from HCG Hospital) No industry is too far, isolated or exclusive anymore. (Think: Temples collaborating

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Thought work.

The mere act of sitting down to crystallise my thoughts scares me at times. Because it dawns on me that I haven’t really focused on anything in the previous 24 hours, haven’t caught any learnings yet and have been mindlessly going through the motions. The harder I think, the more I realise how less I know. How incomplete my acquired knowledge is. How limited experiences I possess. All this

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Do they deserve you?

Puneeth’s blog: Do they deserve you?

Does this market, audience or clientele deserve your effort, attention and generosity?

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Asking for votes doesn’t work anymore. People see through your well-baked promises, colourful adjectives and any facade that you are keeping up. You can’t ask, coax or buy your way to win trust in the elections at your community centre, your favourite not for profit, your local toastmasters’ club, or your alumni network. Instead, reach them where they are and empathise with them. This election isn’t big enough to

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Speakers vs communicators.

Puneeth’s blog: Speakers vs communicators.

Nobody likes being shouted at. Especially an audience.

Before you force your voice forward, check if you can use a mic. In most cases, you can.

Communicators use speakers to amplify their voice. But many wind-up being a loudspeaker.

You ain’t a speaker. So, don’t shout, holler, yell unless it’s purposeful. Don’t deprive the audience of the subtle aspects of your voice.

Use a mic. Use a speaker. Be a communicator.