Simplify before success.

Before you get big, successful and rich simplify your life. Plug the holes in your financial ship. Let your perspectives about money and investments be of empowerment instead of confusion and ignorance.

Show up and speak up.

Don’t show up and throw up.
Contribute only when you can.
Because beating around the bush, wasting the privilege of audience attention isn’t polite. Admit, you don’t have anything to add. Or echo something that worked for you.
But don’t throw up, because the audience may not be as smart at you but they aren’t stupid. They’ll see through your facade, fancy words and false pretence.
Show up and speak up.

The illusion of habits

We are inclined towards building habits. Somehow adding this one more thing, task or activity seem to be a needle mover. But we focus so little on habit breaking! The habits that we’ve cultivated already knowingly or unknowingly. The not so obvious ones are what we miss out. They cost us more in the long run. Smoking, sitting for extended periods, excessive sleeping is easily visible. But skipping breakfast,

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Thinking on your feet.

When you are on the spot, cornered, stuck between a mic and a cliff. What do you do?

Fight, freeze or flee?
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Question your assumptions

Your assumptions are your limitations. Test them before you trust them.

Assumptions are beyond math equations, making business plans or diagnosing a problem.

Assuming you are not worthy of someone’s time, attention, money and sanity.

Delete the default responses.

Delete your default responses. They make you one among the many. They are unconsciously ignored by those that are receiving it. We are all saturated with hearing ‘good mornings’, ‘It was nice meeting you’, ‘let’s stay in touch’ and the pleasantries.
Instead, if you update them to the ones that allow you to express yourself better than it becomes so refreshing for everyone you interact with! There take notice and you instantly stand out!
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