On being generous.

On being generous.

We can all be generous. Right now right here. Not tomorrow or when you arrive at a destination in your career.
Be generous with your feedback and suggestions.
Be generous with your attention.
Be generous with your praise and appreciation.
Be generous with encouragement and support.
Be generous in asking what you need to progress.
Be generous with your ideas, insights and observations.
What you out you. You receive back. It may come from expected and unexpected sources.
Don’t wait for others. Begin by being generous!

Skip a meal if you have to but not a book.

Puneeth’s blog: Skip a meal if you have to but not a book.

Go chain-smoke books, binge read books, befriend books, read till your mind goes poof.

Every time I enter a library I remember the legendary words of a professor. ”If you want an education go to the library” I’ve got more from books than from my classes, conversations and conferences.
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Between wearing out and rusting out your talents!

The two options that we are forced to pick from are either we wear out our talents or rust out! Though that seems completely black and white. These two options limit the possibility of you exploring your talents! The stereotype of the young, reckless, drug addict artist or the morose, regretful and ashamed accountant who actually wants to paint. It’s time we give ourselves better options where our talents

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Birthweek is better

Birthweek is better

I’ve stopped celebrating my birthdays for just a day! I extend the celebrations to a week and the spirit of the day to an entire year.

With so many circles of friends, acquaintances, immigrate, family, extended family, mentors and well-wishers why to pack them all in a day and make it hectic and stressful. I instead spread the schedule over a week and spend quality time with them. With some in gratitude, with some in nostalgia and with some exploring the possibilities of future! (106 more words)

Where do I get my ideas from?

Where do I get my ideas from?
I am frequently asked this question.
I steal them. All of them.

From my interactions, exposure to different industries, expansive reading across genres, situations and stories that I stumble upon. All of these are my pools to steal from!
I steal phrases, dialogues, ideas, approaches, insights, strategies, mindset’s, routines, recipes. So must you.

Steal them and share some. Because of my experience, understanding, exposure is limited. By sharing ideas they get refined, clear and practical. I take the support of experts and wise men to progress my work and aid me in stealing more!

On dots.

On dots.

we can’t connect the dots now. It’s for later. That’s convenient.

But what can you do now? Collect the dots! Explore different industries, think from multiple perspectives, stay abreast with happenings from various cultures, sports and fields, Ask questions and pick smart brains regularly. (57more words)

Doing the opposite.

Puneeth’s blog: Doing the opposite.

Doing the opposite is not the only option you have! Can you do it differently? It’s ok if it happens to be the opposite also. But just taking the opposite route by default is a terrible strategy.

You can do things differently in the context you find yourself in. It may not be original, innovative or jaw-dropping but if it supports you to progress, go ahead!
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We are waiting for you.

Yes, you can take the easy route. Gaming algorithms of Google, tricking Instagram feed, click-baiting the casual browser, locking yourself up and buffing metrics by hook or crook.

On becoming a better thinker

We are exposed to stories, insights, quotes, case studies and an endless waterfall of information. But we rarely become wiser. We are either uninformed or misinformed.