Even if nobody read it.

I’d publish a blog a day, every day even if nobody read it. Showing up daily to contribute wholeheartedly.
It took me 200 blogs to get to one good blog, 100 more to get in the regime of publishing daily and it’ll take me 500 blogs till I publish an inspiring blog. Who knows?

Time is deceptive.

Times isn’t the best way to organise a civilisation around. It’s fickle and deceptive! 1 hour on a date fly by like a few moments and a few moments of awkward silence with the boss seems like an hour! 5 minutes of nap seems more rejuvenating than a 5-hour long uninterrupted sleep! Your first day of college feels just like yesterday and December of 2019 sounds so far away!

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Spreading ideas.

If you’ve watched a movie, read a book, experienced a grand event or followed through a series and somebody asks you about it. Don’t tell them the storyline, the essence of the 600 page book in 6 sentences or a one word adjective.

Curiosity won’t kill you.

Curiosity is at its peak when we are a three-year-old toddler. Experiencing the world from a fresh lens, with no stereotypes and presumptions. But curiosity tends to dip from the age of 3 and if scientists are to be studied then it diminishes gradually post the age of 26 in one of the most curiosity-driven pursuits! Historical many ground breaking, universe denting and industry creating discoveries and inventions are

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Spotting wrong questions

What are the wrong questions that you are busy solving? Too often we build a business around a problem that doesn’t really exist, create a product for a pain point that’s not so painful, conceptualise a course plan that is targeted for today instead of tomorrow. It’s hard to identify questions that are wrong. Because of sunk costs, resistance and the uphill task of starting afresh. But it’s worth

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But we are not rational.

School and college don’t focus on emotion management. We are made to suppress our anger, tears and laughter. Emotions don’t enter the decision equation, they override it.

The other

The crowd roots for the underdog, the other. It polarises people and forces them to take sides and stay loyal. Pepsi or coke, Modi or Rahul, Flipkart or Amazon, David or Goliath. This or that. Though it’s an oligopoly and logically unfair, it has a narrative that spreads.