Create then consume.

For many of us, the first impulse upon waking up is to check our Whatsapp messages, social media feed and emails. The by-default option when we want to ‘pass-time’ or take a break is to stream videos on YouTube or scrolling endlessly on Instagram.

The size of your mind is the size of your world.

The larger your mind is the larger is your world! Most of us have a very limited vocabulary, narrow exposure and scattered experiences. There are many ways to expand your thinking, grow your perspectives and widen your world-view. I have implemented these and have found them to be of value. 1: Reading extensively beyond my field of interests. Even if the material is dry, boring or doesn’t make sense

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What’s the best here?

We are not spoilt by choices we are paralysed by them. Individuals are finding it hard to decide, from what to have for lunch to which career option to choose and whom to vote for!

Misleading prices is a bad tactic.

Tricky pricing doesn’t work anymore.
Because, Now everyone knows the trick. Your customers see your grin right through the veil of your pricing. So, If the price is ₹1000 don’t make it ₹999.

On writers block.

Many of us ‘wait’ for inspiration, ideas, images to drop upon us to get going. Don’t wait for the creative deity to bless you. Show up and get to work.

What’s college for?

Universities and colleges are no more educational ‘centres’. Students cram subjects in tuitions and crash courses. Are referring to videos, articles and looking it up rather than finding it in their textbooks. Most assignments are breezed through repacking articles, stock images. They are no more a fancy placement office. So, What could they possibly do other than non-stop construction? They can be cultural centres! A place where you feel

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Who said that! Who cares?

It doesn’t matter. There’s always a confusion of matching a quote to its originator. Many end up crediting it to anonymity instead. But it rarely matters. Many times, who said it first isn’t as important as who got it to the masses. The dialogues in Bollywood are not written by the actors but they get credited for it. Many celebrity books are written by ‘ghost writers’ That research, write

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Getting bankrupt is a good start.

There’s the beginner’s luck that stokes you initially but doesn’t last long. Early victories may be terrible in the long term. However, an early loss is a graceful blessing. It makes you step back and re-evaluate your decisions, demands your focus and dominates your thoughts for a long time. I got my batchmates at college to play the legendary Cash flow game as part of a simulation exercise. They

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From 6 to 2

You may be occupied from 9-5 at a job or 8-3 at a University. But, how are you spending your time from 6-2? Yes, from 6 pm to 2 am. Can you start a part-time company, a side-project or create space for that hobby which you have been wanting to take up? Exchange your fun-time, TV time, friends-time, chilling-time, pubg time or whatever that takes up your attention to

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