A superficial modern India

A few decades ago, you could observe somebody’s attire, mannerisms and slangs and predict quite accurately where in India they are from. They wore their culture as a badge of honour. You may look at it as stereotyping however it was a matter of pride of where you came from and what your culture stood for. Modern India has become culturally fluid yet we have lost touch with our

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A Procrastination hack.

Procrastinating always starts small. We realise it only when it gets big enough that we can’t ignore it. But then it’s too late. It’s as simple as, I’ll do it in a few moments. It shifts to I’ll do it post lunch. It further transfers to I’ll do it by EOD. Finally, it gets pushed to tomorrow and it goes on. Until somebody nudges you. Until you build enough

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What do you want out of it?

Before you open the next book, schedule the next meeting, signup for the next conference or even say yes to a gig. What’s your purpose? What do you want out of this? Don’t go for all. Pursue specific. A book may have 250 pages and 10 ideas but only 1 may be relevant to you in the near future. Find it and move on. Vague ideas lead to vague

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Let resistance be your compass.

It’s not about the road less taken. There isn’t just one fork in the road that we have to face. There are numerous forks in the road and the road less travelled isn’t always the best route. A better compass of sorts is Resistance. The more resistance you feel towards a path, the harder the initial hurdle seems, the strenuous the path feels, the better you become. Let resistance

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Will this be on test?

This has been the guiding question too much of what we learnt in school and through college. I believe teachers, professors and us as students can change it to: how can I test it? Knowledge is potential power. Only when applied does it truly become power. What you learnt today, how can you use it, apply it, observe it, test it, challenge it, seek exceptions and share it? Don’t

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Make it right.

Making every minute ring. That’s the hard part. The decision of letting go content that increases volume but not the value is hard but worth the strenuous effort. Go a step forward, if you will and let go bits and parts that don’t align, add or amplify your intent. Your audience deserves that refinement.

Saapad doesn’t scale.

Saapad or food served on a banana leaf doesn’t scale. Every time I witness a wedding with food being served on a banana leaf, I’m reminded of Ford’s assembly line. There are batches, lines of seats where people sit and workers who mindlessly serve a pre-determined quantity of food at a furious pace. You can be through your dinner in about 10-15 minutes! The serving staff do not have

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Rewards delayed is rewards denied.

Most trophies loose value right after the event. In a short span we take it for granted and move to the next thing. The sooner you reward the powerful it turns out to be. A compliment or appreciating comment given on time trumps a cash bonus given 2 months later. Find a way to immediately recognise and reward behaviours, performances and contributions.

When your eyes are on the money, they are off the ball.

If money is stopping you from starting something worthwhile relook at your assumptions, approach and actions. What’s the smallest step you can take towards realising your idea? It may not be obvious but if a Wipro can begin as a soap manufacturing company, Tata can begin by turning around a wretched mill, Ambani can launch himself from a table and a borrowed landline phone. What’s stopping you? So what

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