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Month: November 2018

All the world is a classroom.

The world is your classroom. Anything that’s worth memorising is worth looking up. The best of the faculties on the planet are available, accessible and attending to your queries, you can collaborate globally for a project that’s locally implemented, You can participate in a hackathon at Silicon Valley from Bangalore.

Why limit yourself to the physical classroom, mundane lectures, seemingly useless assignments. Learn, implement and seek feedback. Why stick to the limited 3 – 5 specialisations that’s offered? There are hundreds of them, find what interests you and pursue it simultaneously. Go beyond, because now the world is your classroom

The beauty of sidestreams.

In the mainstream, everything is restricted. limited screens, overcrowded shelf-space, 52 Friday’s, one best-seller a year. The joys of discovery are in the side streams. When you find content that’s rich, movies that are boldly inspiring and books that shift your worldview. These are rarely in the limelight. Sure, every once in a while comes a body of work that can’t be ignored. But most of the times, it’s pushed in the side streams. Buried under more discoverable, commercially targeted and easily digestible work.

Happy discovering.

Burn the bridges and move forward.

Burning the bridges is the easier part. Building new pathways, trailblazing industries of the future and doing work that matters is the harder part. When you have nothing to fall back to, you give your all to what you have ahead of you.

Starting from scratch, facing the uncertainties, leaving the comforts of your back-ups, plan-B’s, security deposits are the way forward.

Wisdom on the go.

The travel time, while at the gym, on your weekly run, strolling in the park or anytime where you can afford to listen to music, radio or noise. Here’s another option: Podcasts. They are not yet famous or cool in India but that’s not the point. The idea is to maximise your time by joining in on conversations that interest, intrigue or appeal to you.

It could be the 11-hour episode of Ghengis Khan, the 2-hour insightful interview by Vishal Gondal, 30-minute conversation with Seth Godin or The Galata Podcast.

There’s a podcast for everyone and in everyone.

PS: Today I launch the 10th episode of The Galata Podcast. It’s a personal milestone. If you haven’t listened to the previous ones, please do so. I believe you’ll find it worthwhile.

Pick yourself.

You and I are not roses in a garden eagerly awaiting the Gardner to pick us up today. We can choose to pick ourselves. No need to wait for that publisher, production house or even VC. Pick yourself.

Take your camera or borrow a phone and record a movie, share it with 50 people you trust and ask for feedback and share it with the world. Repeat it till the word spreads and the production houses come looking for you.

Convert the book into a pdf file and share it with 50 people you trust and seek feedback. Share it with the world and begin the next book and the next book. Till publishing houses can’t ignore you. It doesn’t matter. Because you picked yourself first. Go, make some Galata.

Well designed future vs undesigned future.

Every year around this time a select group of individuals get together and pen down our goals. It’s important to get into 2019 knowing what you want to accomplish. It brings clarity and makes the year purpose-driven. Dreams are given a deadline and penned down as goals. You can’t change the destination overnight but you can change the direction. This is critical. Over years the little shift in direction, purposefully lived days and accomplished goals lead to a life you designed.

5 years from now you will either end up in a well-designed destination or undesigned destination. The choice is yours to make. Start now. It’s happening this December and January. Extremely limited seats remaining.

What do you do post exchanging cards?

Do you stack them in your over-flowing card collection and forget it? Do you scan them through and discard the card? Or Do you keep postponing taking an action on the card?

Cards have an unspoken call to action and a count-down timer. You either connect with the individual or refer him to somebody in your network so they can connect.

Visiting cards are first among the many exchanges between two individuals. Create a system that every card undergoes. it’s easier than ever to build networks. Go, build yours!

The lessons are not important.

The lesson, learning, realisation isn’t important. It’s essential but what matters is how long can you hold it and apply it when the opportunity, crisis or situation arrives.

The number of times and ways you’ve used your learning, the length of time that you hold on to the lesson determines the value of the lesson you learnt.

Calculus, Gerunds, half-life period may not be important to you now, though you learnt it in school. But the lesson you learnt when you didn’t submit an assignment on time, when you first failed in a test and felt ashamed, when you bullied somebody and felt hurt. These stick with you for life.

Let learnings, lessons, realisations stick with you. Hold on to them for as long as you can.

Beware of quotes.

Quotes are misleading unless you understand the context in which they were created and expressed. It’s seldom that somebody takes the time to remember who they are quoting let alone explain the context, situation or consequence of that statement.

There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher” -Usain Bolt.

The statement became popular and was plastered on merchandise, banners and motivational quotes. But the reason he said it is because he is too tall for a 100mt dash. Due to which he takes a long time to spring out of the brace position. But due to the same reason, he covers more distance per stride than anybody else leading to a strong finisher.

To understand a quote you need to put yourself in the shoes of the individual and see what he saw. The situation, the context and the consequence of it.