Just chill.

Blank spaces, awkward pauses, breath-holding silences are essential. We prefer non-stop everything but there are a few places where we need a moment. To grasp the profoundness of a statement, to absorb the stress of a quarter, to intensify the suspense or to even just take a breath. Pauses placed properly add to the overall experience. Experience the silence and accept the spaces. Don’t fill it by distracting yourself

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The seduction of extra time is real. 5 more minutes of sleep is more pleasing than the 6hours of sleep before hitting the snooze. 3 minutes of over-time renews hope, unlike any other time frame. 1 surprise or sudden holiday is much more exciting than an expected one. 1 extra month won by a terminal cancer patient feels larger than a century. The illusion of extra time is more

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The trillion dollar impact

A million is not enough, a billion is too common, a trillion? now we are really talking!Why embark on this journey? ”it’s the same burger after the first million!”- Bill Gates. Then why bother? Why not? It’s the impact we seek to make, and money is easy to measure. What would one have to change, transform, terminate and magnify in oneself to build a trillion dollar company? What skill-set,

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This is how change happens.

You can’t change the world, You can’t change the nation, You can’t change the society you live in, You can’t change your family. The only thing you can mend, bend or even end is your behaviour, attitudes, and habits. then the family may notice and change, The society may begin to adopt it The nation may accept it The world might, just a teeny tiny bit change.

Bit by bit.

You are as good as your last delivery. Politicians capitalise this like nobody’s business. The year before elections you feel the city pulsating with change, development and a renewed spirit for a better tomorrow. Even a small progress is announced, broadcasted and celebrated. Still, this principle holds true beyond this context. You are as good as your last project submission. Announce, broadcast and celebrate it in your small world.

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Binge read instead.

I prefer an overflowing library over a hard disk filled brimming with movies. I find a novel or personal development book interesting, dramatic and real than most of the reality shows. I don’t follow any series, never have. Haven’t watched TV for over 6 years. This is not to impress you but it impresses me. Books are a brilliant learning and deeply engaging tool for me. It may be

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What are your work vows?

You are spending a huge chunk of your life working, making things happen and delivering value. While on this journey what are your personal vows? Here are a few worth considering. Being honest even when it’s hard. Going the extra mile every time, time after time and all the time. Really caring. Sleeping deeply in the night. Returning the money borrowed. Even if it’s a rupee ( Penny/ Cent

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We need great finishers.

Everybody is excited at the beginning – the honeymoon period. The start of a career, a pet project, an intimate relationship, a friendship. Everything is perfect or at least seems to be, until. Until you hit a roadblock, face rejections, disappointments, failures, losses and stress of life pushing you around. Your fuel levels begin to dip, your energy and focus plummet. Distractions suddenly become more worthwhile and enjoyable. It’s

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There’s a book on that..

Every topic you can think of has a book elaborating it. From organic chemistry to organ donation, from sex to success. Find the ones that once you open to take a sneak-peak you can’t close them! It may not be your major, totally irrelevant to your job description, even against your strongly held opinions. Read it, anyways.