New-age superstitions

We may term yesteryears’ unquestioned practices, rituals as superstition. We may not know who made them up or how they really came about and the journey to becoming folk wisdom. Likewise, the current generation reads, memories, and regurgitates quotes, cliches, lyrics unquestioned, without deep thinking, active testing and internalisation.

Done = Done

Something begun is half done. I disagree, and here’s why; Most of us are brilliant beginners but very few of us are finishers. We begin many things but complete a mere handful of them.Focusing on completing something is far more productive, progressive and preferred. A task is done only when it’s done. You can be working towards it, yet it’s work in progress. Don’t be fooled that you are

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celebrations are about timing.

Celebration delayed is celebration denied. Celebrations need to be timed right, too many times we celebrate before we win and eventually loose. A few times we postpone the celebrations and that diminishes the joy rather than magnifying it. Demotivates the team and is not emotionally charged. Celebrations then, is about timing.

On money and business

My mentor mentioned today how he plans his businesses; “Many people,organisations look at how much money they have and then create a plan to invest it (implement it) I make the plan first and then go about finding the money to fund it.” It definitely sounds lot more fun and tad risky yet the smile on his face and the noticeable excitement in him laid enough credibility, not to

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Multiple perspectives

As I enter the last preparation phase for CAT2017, I must admit nervousness and self-doubts have taken-over the better of me. What soothes me is noticing that others are experiencing this as well and it’s ‘ok’ to be nervous. Yet, my ruthlessly competitive mind is reassured by the different perspectives and strategies provided by the facilitators (from TIME institute ). The variety of it makes me feel I have

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Rinse and rise

Failures are hard to digest, it makes one vulnerable, sensitive and uncertain. Rolling in the bed, clinching the pillow and begging ones mind to NOT think about it and just fall into the oblivion of sleep, the darkness will somehow make it all better, promising than the rest. (Pun unintended) But then, you’ll need to rise. Whether it’s the demanding alarm, a loved one or just the boredom of

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When Experience tests you, Copy!

Experience is a teacher but its tests you first and then teaches you the lesson Indulge me here, when experiences tests us, instead of running away/ignoring it, why not turn to the right or the left and copy? What you are experiencing now – a problem, a complicated situation has existed before! There are only so many of them! So, where can you copy from? Biographies, Mentors, Your contemporaries,

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The alternative to taking attendance

I believe taking attendance in educational institutions is as obsolete as typewriters and textbooks. It measures the ‘presence’ of a candidate and is easy to monitor; though doesn’t guarantee presence beyond physical aspect.(which is usually ignored) The harder alternative is measuring their state. Are they excited about what is being taught? Is the subject matter engaging and triggering their imagination? Is it stimulating their creativity and pushing them to

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The truth about feedbacks

Feedback’s can not to be given in the form of sandwiches. Criticism and areas of improvements peppered between the breads of appreciation. Such feedback’s have little to no value and very limited practicality. Feedback’s are the breakfast of champions is a cliche yet it’s true. What they don’t tell about it it the fact that you can’t bite into this one! You will need to shove it in your

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