On systems.

Use the systems to your advantage. Because they are powerful, reliable and are working.

Most times, it is easier to work through the system than to fight against it. Because the reward is not worth the time, effort, sanity and resources you put in.

From the education system to the banking system to the curfew time your Dad has set! We are surrounded by systems.

Seek ways to work through them, around them and within them.

Ask with conviction, negotiate and follow-up to create a win-win deal.

I was bored with attending classes during my MBA. I instead started representing my university at fests across the country. I built their brand by winning and they partially funded my travel (and generously gave attendance.)

Dad had a strict curfew time of 10:30 p.m. I struggled to make it most days and had to wake him up! Instead, I convinced him for personal home keys and an extension of the curfew till midnight! I made it well in time most days and he slept well! His system worked to my advantage.

Instead of standing against the system, turn around and seek ways to get it to back you.

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