“Don’t talk to strangers!” was apt for the 6-year-old you, it served in keeping you safe. Is it serving the 22-year-old you? At every bend of the road, you’d need to interact with strangers, make connections, collaborate and move things forward.

Our caregivers never bothered to update the rules as we got old. fortunately, you have the resources, tools, techniques to unlearn these and imbibe ideas, perspectives and insights that will work for you.

This puts the responsibility of reset in your hands, the past doesn’t matter as much.

Which mind-set of yours are working for you? Which need to be reset?

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About Puneeth Suraana

I wake up every morning excited to wholeheartedly contribute to people’s lives and make a difference. I publish a blog a day, every day and would continue to write them even if nobody read it. I notice things, deeply think about ideas that will spread. I am a fitness and health junkie, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, personal development. I strive to read 2 books a week. I am an audio producer and host at The Galata Podcast. I am currently pursuing my final semester in MBA at PES University, Bangalore, India. Let’s make some Galata!